Cultivation tables to have a garden at home

Today no one has to resign himself to not having a garden at home just because of lack of space. The cultivation tables are always a practical alternative when it comes to having a garden at home to enjoy the unique flavor of organic crops .

The first cultivation tables were born in Spain in the 1980s but perhaps due to inexperience they did not gain popularity. It was not until this century that the cultivation tables began to become an option for those who have a few meters of outdoor surface.


  • 1 Cultivation tables on the horizon
  • 2 From supply to demand

Cultivation tables on the horizon

And much more since 2010, when the options multiplied, perhaps because there was also a greater awareness about the food that we put in our mouths. Currently, there are growing tables made of different materials, they can be made of wood, resin, steel, plastic or aluminum and the manufacturing material affects the price.

cultivation table

There are also models that come in several modules or in a single format, adjustable height, depth and width growing tables . However, where they differ most is in the modality, since there are traditional cultivation tables or hydroponic cultivation , that is, the plants grow without soil, through a nutrient solution dissolved in water with the chemical elements necessary for development. of the plants.

From supply to demand

cultivation table

Despite being a great option to have a garden at home , its acceptance is still difficult in many places, although we are seeing more and more tables on balconies and terraces. The truth is that you can innovate by buying one for your home to have very fresh vegetables as well as a hobby with which you can relax or an activity to share with children and the elderly.

Cultivation tables to have a garden at home

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