Grow vegetables indoors

Having a garden is the dream of many of us but let’s be honest, in big cities we will hopefully have a small balcony. And not even that in some cases. But that should not be the excuse for not having plants and crops at home, as there are always alternative ways to enjoy gardening.

In addition to the numerous indoor plants that you can have in different environments, it is also time to think about crops suitable for apartments , starting with the tomato , a vegetable that when grown organically reaches its full potential. There are many varieties of tomato that can be grown indoors, you just need to plant them in hanging pots so that they can then receive sunlight.

Another indoor crop is the radish , one of the few root vegetables that can be grown in a pot as it does not need great depths. You can plant the seeds in milk cartons and then transplant it into a pot.

Believe it or not, potatoes are also part of the game. They are easy to grow indoors as long as you position the growing container next to a sunny window. Under the right conditions, it should show up within a week of being planted.

Although mushrooms are very delicate when it comes to being cultivated, they have the virtue that they are ideal for growing indoors. In this case, it is a crop that needs darkness to develop, so it is perfect for an environment that does not receive natural light. Start with the mycelia and then pay attention to the step by step of mushroom cultivation to get good results.

And then we have other vegetables that you can have in your home: on the one hand , beans and on the other, an important variety of green leaves , such as basil and lettuce . Easy to care for, they only need moist soil and good drainage.

Grow vegetables indoors

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