How and when to plant raspberries

Nothing defines summer better than sweet, succulent raspberries ; Raspberries are actually very easy to plant, regardless of whether it is done in hot or cold climates , since the important thing is that they receive enough sunlight to be able to thrive.

There are red, black and yellow raspberries, each one of them ripens at different times of the year and if you want to know how to plant your own raspberries , we recommend following these steps.


  • 1 Plant the raspberries
    • 1.1 How to plant a raspberry from a seed
  • 2 Raspberries care

plant the raspberries

plant the raspberries
Raspberries should be planted in early spring so that their fruit will ripen in late summer and early fall. Preferably you should buy raspberry plants that are already 1 year old ; You could also just buy commercially available roots that come in plastic containers with tissue-cultured plants.

It is necessary that before buying it, you make sure that the nursery has a certificate showing that it is free of diseases and that it has already been fumigated against any virus.

How to plant a raspberry from a seed

In mid-winter you should start sowing the seed in a plastic container filled with peat moss.

You should use sterilized soil with a low nutrient content , insert the seeds at least 1 inch, which is equal to 2.54cm, putting them at a distance of ½ inch or 1.27cm between them . Cover them with a thin layer of sand and place the container in a cool, dark place inside your home, you need to keep the seeds a little moist using a spray bottle.

At times when the temperature is below 15 degrees, you will have to place them outdoors , in a place that gives them sun and shade in equal parts.

Once you have placed them outside the house, the seeds should begin to germinate after 4 or 6 weeks , and when they grow, are at least 3 centimeters tall and start to flower, you should transplant them into the garden. Add at least 10 centimeters of mulch, in order to keep the soil moist and prevent weeds from appearing.

Leaves, hay and/or bark can be used as mulch. Remember to water the area very well after you have planted them.

raspberry care

care of raspberries
It is necessary to water them moderately, since they do not require much water, however, you must keep them hydrated, so you can water every 15 days , except when the weather is very dry.

Raspberries should be pruned at least once a year , since this way the harvest will undoubtedly be much better and it will also be very abundant.

To harvest red raspberries during the summer, you will need to get rid of the discolored and grayish branches after they have set fruit and leave only the branches that are new and healthy . If it’s a fall crop, you’ll need to cut the branches back to ground level once they’ve borne fruit.

To harvest black raspberries, you must cut off the side of the branches that have already borne fruit, once you have picked them. You will have to remove any branches that are or look weak and useless . If you notice that you have certain branches that do not produce, you should cut them and leave only 4 or 6 strong branches.

When the winter is over, remove those weak, small and useless branches , leaving only 6 strong and healthy branches.

You need to fertilize raspberries when winter is over ; For this, you could add a few centimeters of vegetable compost or organic fertilizer, in order to optimize the health and production of the raspberries. Harvest the berries in late summer or early fall , at which time the raspberries should be a deep color and pluck easily.

How and when to plant raspberries

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