How do you care for a stone pine bonsai?

Conifers, and especially the vast majority of species of the Pinus genus, can be worked relatively well as bonsai. By having very fine and short needles (leaves), and a medium-slow growth rate, over time an amazing work of art can be achieved.

One of the most interesting is the Pinus pinea , as it loves the sun and is also suitable for beginners. Let ‘s see what are the care of the stone pine bonsai .


  • 1 Location
  • 2 Pot and substrate
  • 3 Irrigation and fertilization
  • 4 Pruning
  • 5 Wiring
  • 6 transplant


The stone pine is a natural evergreen tree of the Mediterranean basin, something that is good to know because only with that we will already know that it supports the saline wind and that it does not need as much water as an oak, for example, might need. But for it to grow properly, it is very important that you place your bonsai outside, preferably in direct sunlight .

Pot and substrate

The bonsai pot should be relatively deep , as the roots of these plants tend to grow quite large. Fill it with the akadama mixed with 30% kiryuzuna, or make this other mixture: 1/2 river sand, 1/4 mantilla and 1/4 akadama.

Irrigation and fertilization

If we talk about irrigation, you should avoid flooding. Water only when the substrate is dry , and don’t forget to fertilize it with a specific fertilizer for bonsai from spring to autumn.


  • Pinching : From late spring to early summer healthy needles are pinched. This will cause the sprouting of new needles, which we will have to cut from one to two thirds of their total length towards the beginning of autumn.
  • Training pruning : it is done at the end of winter. The styles that are accepted are all except the Kabudachi. Observe the trunk and the arrangement of the main branches, and respect their movement. This will make it easier for you to give it an ideal look.


Only if it is necessary. It can be done all year round, especially in autumn and winter . Use a thick wire, since the branches are very flexible when removed, they would return to their initial position. You have to leave it for 1 to 2 years, checking it from time to time to avoid leaving marks on the rind.


The transplant is done at the end of winter every 2 years . Leave part of the old substrate, and try that the pine does not end up with bare roots at any time, as it could die.

After a month, you can pay it again.Wire your pine bonsai only if necessary

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We hope that now you know how to take care of your stone pine bonsai.

How do you care for a stone pine bonsai?

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