How is shallot grown?

If you want to give a spicy flavor to your dishes, you can not stop cooking the shallot . Its name probably doesn’t tell you much, and it’s just that it’s not very well known yet. However, due to how easy it is to grow it, it is highly recommended to make a hole in the garden.

So, would you like to learn more about it and be able to taste some dishes with a unique flavor? 😉


  • 1 How is the escalonia?
  • 2 How is it grown?
  • 3 Culinary uses of shallots

How is the staircase?


The shallot, also known by the common names of shallot/s, shallot/s, ascalonia or escaluña, and with the scientific Allium ascalonicum, is a bulbous-type herbaceous plant from Palestine. Its edible part is a kind of onion but with “teeth” , like garlic.

There are three varieties:

  • Jersey: the bulbs are round, red.
  • Thick of Alencón: the bulbs are the largest.
  • Small or common: the bulbs are of medium size, green-violet, with a reddish cover.

It is cultivated as an annual , although it can be allowed to grow so that it emits flowers, which will be grouped in inflorescences that will produce seeds. But let’s see it in more detail:

How is it grown?

Allium ascalonicum flower

The shallot is a very interesting plant: with a little care, we can obtain a very good harvest. Follow our tips to enjoy growing it:

  • Location : they must be in an area where they get direct sunlight.
  • Planting time : the bulbs are planted at the end of winter, in rows, leaving a distance of 15cm between them. The soil must be neutral, rich in organic matter.
  • Irrigation : frequent, avoiding letting the soil dry out. The ideal would be to water every 2, maximum 3 days, increasing the frequency a little during the summer.
  • Harvest : in autumn. Before harvesting them, we must bend the stems so that the bulbs get fat.
  • Multiplication : by seed in spring, or by planting the bulbs towards the end of winter.
  • Hardiness : it withstands cold and frost well down to -7ºC.

Culinary uses of shallots


The shallot bulbs are consumed cooked or chopped and fried . They are used as a condiment for strong meats and rock fish, as well as for salads.

How is shallot grown?

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