How to choose the fertilizer for the plants to flourish?

Flowers are wonderful: they come in different sizes, shapes and colors. Some have a very pleasant perfume, so much so that as soon as you walk past them you can easily perceive it. But how to get plants to produce them in large quantities?

It is not always easy, that is why we have to know how to choose the fertilizer so that the plants flourish , since that way we will surely enjoy them.

Phalaenopsis orchid flowers

To flourish, plants need above all two macronutrients, which are phosphorus and potassium . However, not all absorb it in the same way because the evolution they have followed is different. Thus, for example, succulents are experts in obtaining nutrients from mineral rock but they are not capable of taking advantage of organic fertilizer, since in their natural habitat there are very few animals and even fewer plants that have ventured to grow in drought conditions and heat. On the other hand, plants that live in tropical forests or temperate forests appreciate being fertilized with organic matter, that is, with manure, compost, food scraps (egg and banana peels, vegetables that are no longer edible , etc.) because these places are full of life.

For all this, one of the first things we have to do is to know the needs of the plant that we are growing to know what type of fertilizer we can use. To that end, we recommend you read what we are going to tell you next.

How to choose the fertilizer for my plants to flourish?

During repens flowers

Depending on the type of plant it is, one type or another of fertilizer will be more recommended. For example:

  • Succulents : they must be fertilized with mineral fertilizers, such as Blue Nitrofoska or with a specific fertilizer.
  • Orchids : specific fertilizers must be used to make them bloom.
  • Acid plants : such as Japanese maples or azaleas, specific fertilizers can be used or they can be fertilized with guano.
  • Palm trees : it is highly recommended to use fertilizers such as guano, egg and banana peels, spoiled vegetables, bone meal, and any other organic product.
  • Trees and shrubs : it will depend on the species, but I highly recommend fertilizing them with manure, such as chicken or goat manure. Compost can also be used.
How to choose the fertilizer for the plants to flourish?

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