How to decorate a terrarium with plants?

Would you like to decorate your home with plants but you don’t have land to design your garden? Do you want to regreen your home in a very original and elegant way? If you answered yes to one or both questions, the terrarium is your solution . Well, more than the terrarium itself, the plants that you can put in it.

In the market you will find many shapes and sizes, although it will not really be necessary to spend a huge amount of money.


  • 1 What do I need to decorate with a terrarium?
  • 2 How is it done?
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What do I need to decorate with a terrarium?


To have your miniature garden you need the following:

  • glass container , which is open somewhere so that the air can be renewed and the plants breathe without problems.
  • Substrate , either sandy ( akadama , pumice, river sand) if you are going to put cacti and other succulents; blond peat or moss if you want to put carnivores; black peat mixed with 50% perlite if you prefer to put other types of plants (flowers, ferns, etc.).
  • Plants whose adult size is not larger than the terrarium itself, otherwise sooner or later you would have to transplant them. The most recommended are small succulents ( Rebutia , Echinofossulocactus, Mammillaria , Lithops , Sempervivum , Gibbaeum ), mosses, carnivores ( Pinguicula , Drosera , Drosophyllum , Dionaea ), flowers.
  • Accessories , such as small stones, a bench or miniature dwarfs to complete the terrarium.
  • OPTIONAL: decorative sand for the garden . If you want to decorate it with succulents, putting a very thin layer of white sand on top of the substrate can be very good, since white increases the beauty of the plants.

How is it done?

glass ball terrarium

Once you have everything, it will be time to move on to the step by step. The first thing you have to do is fill the terrarium with a little substrate . The layer must be thick enough so that, when it comes to placing the plants, they do not touch the top.

Next, I advise you to water with lime-free water . If you don’t have it, you can irrigate with distilled or rainwater, or fill a bucket with water and let it sit for 12 hours. After that time, heavy residues, such as lime, will be at the bottom of the container.

Now it ‘s time to green up the terrarium , planting the plants in it. It is important that you place the highest ones in the back, because that way the lowest ones can have the light they need. To give them more life, you can put a layer of decorative sand or accessories.

How to decorate a terrarium with plants?

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