How to decorate with Christmas centers?

With the arrival of Christmas, you want to decorate the house to be able to celebrate it in conditions. It is more than likely that these dates are one of the few that we can enjoy as a family, and that is why it is important to know how to decorate with Christmas centers , since these are one of the key elements that will accompany us during the holidays. .

Before deciding on one or the other we have to take a good look at it and think about how we want to have the table decorated. The colors of the room, the shapes of the things in it, the existing environment, everything must combine perfectly .


  • 1 Pretty, but don’t take up too much space
  • 2 Round, elongated or triangular?
  • 3 Candles: yes or no?

Nice but don’t take up too much space

Christmas table decorated with a center

Christmas centers have to be decorative, but they should not take up too much space , especially when it comes to placing them on a table. During these parties we usually prepare many dishes, so it is easy for the table to end up full. For this reason, we have to choose a center that we like, that especially attracts our attention, and that is rather small.

Round, elongated or triangular?

Magnificent Christmas center

The way we want to give it will depend on where we are going to put it, in addition to our personal tastes of course. For example, if we are going to decorate a table for ten people or more, we can opt for elongated centers ; On the other hand, if the table is smaller, it will be better to choose those rounded or heart-shaped or star-shaped that we will place a little apart from each other.

Candles: yes or no?

Christmas centerpiece with a candle

Candles are usually very interesting objects to decorate. We can put one in the middle of each Christmas center , choosing it red if this color predominates in the room, or white. Of course, although it is obvious, you have to be very careful with fire, so be very careful!

Have a very happy holidays .

How to decorate with Christmas centers?

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