How to fertilize a bonsai

A bonsai is a miniature tree that is grown in a tray. Despite its size, it has the same needs as any tree that grows on the ground; that is to say, it needs water, a more or less direct exposure to the sun to be able to grow and food.

We must give this food throughout the growing season, from spring to late autumn. But, how to fertilize a bonsai correctly?

azalea bonsai

Today you can find fertilizers for practically all types of plants, also for bonsai. These fertilizers contain the nutrients they most need , which are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), and depending on which one they can also include other microelements (calcium, iron, manganese, etc.). However, we do not always acquire the ones we need the most. Sometimes it may be the case that we acquire one that favors flowering more than growth, when we are more interested in the fact that the plant grows, or vice versa.

To avoid this, we have to take into account that nitrogen is responsible for making plants grow ; phosphorus is what helps to form new roots, produce flowers and fruits , and potassium contributes to flowering and fruiting, as well as the maturation of woody trunks .

coniferous bonsai

Bearing this in mind, it will not really matter what type of fertilizer we use (whether liquid or granulated), but it will be necessary to read and follow the instructions specified on the product’s packaging to avoid the risk of overdose. In the case of using granulated fertilizers, it is advisable to use baskets for the fertilizer thanks to which it will remain in place.

Can other fertilizers be used? Sure. It is not mandatory to use only fertilizers for bonsai ; What’s more, you can use organic fertilizers without any problem or combine the two (once one, the next another). This will ensure that the plant receives all the nutrients it needs.

How to fertilize a bonsai

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