How to germinate seeds: 3 methods to do it easy and fast

Germinating seeds is one of the most beautiful processes related to plants. Seeing how a life comes out of a seed, which we think is nothing, makes us feel that we have in our hands a wonder of nature. For this reason, it is increasingly common to see many who dare to decorate their gardens, flowerpots, etc. with plants that have been born from scratch, from the same seed.

But you know what there are different ways to germinate seeds? Or that some are faster than others? Here we talk about everything you need to know about germination, from what you need to the different ways to do it.

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  • 1 What do you need for them to germinate
  • 2 How to germinate seeds in cotton
  • 3 Germinate your seeds on napkins
  • 4 How to germinate seeds in a jar or pot
  • 5 How long does it take to get out

What do you need for them to germinate

What do you need for them to germinate

First of all, you should know that not at any time of the year a seed can germinate. Only if you do it indoors, thus creating a kind of greenhouse, will you be able to achieve it, but when a plant that is not from the time you are trying to plant the seed may have more problems for its growth; or even end up getting sick or weak because this is not the time to do it.

Therefore, experts recommend that, Unless a good environment can be provided indoors, it is best to grow plants according to the season; Not only will you ensure success, but the plant will not suffer from sudden changes.

When it comes to growing a seed, you should know that there are many ways to do it. Some use the traditional method, which is to have a pot or a seedbed in which they put the seed with an enriched substrate and let the sprouts appear; Others, to speed up the process, use others in which, in a matter of days, the first shoot appears and the roots appear, ready to plant later. There are those who use germinators …

The truth is that there is no good method, nor a bad one. It all depends on how you do with each of them and what you want to expect. For example, planting it in a pot will take longer to grow, because it germinates in the soil and the process is slower. In germinators or using other methods (such as napkin, cotton, etc., it is faster, and in a matter of days you have it ready to plant in a pot.

But, do you know what methods to germinate seeds there are?

How to germinate seeds in cotton

How to germinate seeds in cotton

When we think of germinating seeds in cotton, you will most likely remember your childhood, when your teacher gave you a container with cotton and a lentil to plant and be the gift for Mother’s Day. Well, this process continues to be used because of how effective it is.

To carry out you need a container, such as a small lunch box, a large yogurt, etc. Also cotton.

Now, you just have to clean the container well and put the cotton in, which should be damp. Next, put the seed and cover a little with the cotton, so that it is protected in it.

All that will be left is to cover the container, if possible for 48 hours and leaving it in a dark place (because that way they will germinate much better). After that time you should open the lid and let it air out for about five minutes, while you prepare to spray the cotton a little. You must cover again and leave 24 hours more for it to be ready to be planted.

Germinate your seeds on napkins

One of the most effective methods to germinate seeds, and one that works very well with practically all of them, is to use a napkin. What you have to do is have a small container on hand, ideally made of glass. Take a napkin and fold it so that it fits into that small container. Now, moisten the napkin. It should be damp, but not wet.

Next you must place the seed on top of the napkin and, with another (or using the one you have wet), you have to cover it so that it is completely covered by moisture.

To prevent the napkin from drying out, cover the container with a little plastic wrap and poke a few holes with a fork to allow it to breathe. This way you will be creating a greenhouse in which the humidity is kept and you will help the plant to develop.

There are some that in a matter of 24-48 hours already have roots and sprouts, ready to be planted. Others take a little longer but, normally, in that time a change is seen in the seed. Only those that take longer to germinate will take longer to show signs that they are viable to grow a plant from them.

How to germinate seeds in a jar or pot

Finally, how about we explain how to germinate seeds the old way? We are talking about making it in a pot or in a jar. To do this, we recommend that, 24 hours before, you put the seed in a glass of water. This way you will be giving it the hydration it needs and, in many cases, you can be more successful.

You prepare the pot with an enriched substrate. One of the best is a mixture of coconut fiber with worm castings, peat, perlite, and vermiculite. It is the perfect combination to give you all the nutrients you need and, at the same time, promote your growth.

After those 24 hours, you will only have to make a hole in the ground to leave the seed in it and cover it carefully. Water so that the soil is moist and, if possible, place it in a somewhat bright place, but not yet in the sun (not necessary yet). After a few days you will see how they sprout.

Some, to speed up the process, what they do is cover the pot with a bag in such a way that they create a greenhouse where humidity is kept. This is doable, and it also helps germinate seeds faster.

How long does it take to get out

How long does it take for seeds to germinate?

We are sorry to tell you that there is no exact time. Each plant has a different germination period. For example, there are seeds that have germinated in 24-72 hours and they are ready for growth. Others, however, it may take 15 days or even a month to do so (loquats, avocados, etc.).

It is always best to ask about the plant you want to have to know what time you should wait for it to germinate and, after this, give up because the seed will not come out.

Have you ever germinated seeds? With what method have you done it?

How to germinate seeds: 3 methods to do it easy and fast

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