How to germinate seeds

If you have already made up your mind and want to set up your own organic garden or vegetable garden, one of the most important criteria to think about is seeds. In the case that we use hybrid seeds or those of poor quality, the germination process can be a real disaster. Although in the end, we achieve our objective, it may be the case that neither the plant nor the fruits are of high quality.

That is why, so you should bet on organic seeds (those that you can buy in nurseries, in seed networks, specialized centers, even in online stores).

To make the process as easy as possible, we have prepared some very interesting tips that will help you know how to germinate seeds.

How to germinate seeds: step by step

The napkin method

A very simple method to germinate them is to simply use a paper towel or a napkin. This method, although basic, is perfect for those beginners who want to start in the gardening world.

-We start by placing a napkin in a container. We place the seeds on top and distribute them distributed throughout the entire structure. Now you are going to place a wet napkin on top. You will roll these two napkins forming a small roller, a formation that will stimulate seed germination.

You will put this roll in the container, and you will close the latter part. But it is important not to close it completely, but to maintain a constant temperature of 20-22ºC.

-We will have to control the state of germination at all times. As surely you already know, each of the seeds will require different times and temperatures for them to germinate. After 3 days, check the seeds and remove those that have managed to germinate.

Moisten the towels/napkins again and check daily to remove the seeds that have managed to germinate.

-The moment the seeds have sprouted they will be ready to be sown.

How to germinate seeds: Another method

If the previous method does not convince you, then you can try this one.

-Before sowing the seeds (about 24 hours before), but the seeds to soak in warm water. The container you choose should be opaque, located in a dark place, and achieve a temperature that ranges between 20 – 22ºC.

-When the time has passed, proceed to drain the seeds and you can sow them in seedbeds, or in the place where we are going to grow them.

-Depending on the germination time of each seed, the process could be completed in 2-15 days.

How to germinate seeds in seedlings/seedbeds

If we want to advance the sow, we can use these resources to achieve it. They are containers in which we can place the seeds to protect them from extreme external agents from the outside. At the same time, you will be in optimal temperature conditions until germination occurs and later we proceed with the transplant. With protected sowing, like the one that we will achieve with the seedlings or seedbeds, the sowing can be brought forward up to 1 month (more or less); Yes, we can manage more staggered plantings, more spread over time.

If we do not do so, we will have no choice but to wait for the surrounding conditions to be suitable for planting.

These are some basic, more well thought out methods to germinate few seeds. If you are an advanced gardener, you will surely want to resort to other faster methods to germinate many seeds at once.

Use our tricks to know how to germinate seeds and you will see how you have no problem.

How to germinate seeds

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