How to harvest garlic

Garlic is a food that, in addition to being very useful in the kitchen, also has its uses as an insecticide. But after cultivating them and taking care of them with care from the plantation at the end of winter, when summer approaches, it is time to harvest them. How to do it correctly?

The way we use to obtain them is very important, as well as the time we have waited to do it. If you don’t know how to harvest garlic , then you will find out.


  • 1 When is the garlic harvested?
  • 2 How to know that they can already be harvested?
  • 3 What is the best way to store them?

When is the garlic harvested?

Garlic are plants that need an average of 3 months to grow. They are very resistant to cold, so it is one of the first crops to be sown , something that can be done directly in the garden in late winter or early or mid-winter in a germinator or greenhouse.

If the land has very good drainage and is also rich in organic matter, our plants will have excellent growth and development, which will allow us to harvest them in late spring or summer , depending on the time in which we have planted them.

How to know that they can already be harvested?

Being bulbous, it is sometimes very difficult to know when is the best time to harvest them. However, we can guide ourselves by the behavior of the leaves : when they start to turn yellow or brown, we know that the countdown to prepare delicious dishes with them has begun.

With the help of a shovel, we will loosen the soil around each bulb, and carefully extract them . Then, it will only be a matter of washing them and letting them dry in a ventilated place or putting them in an area exposed to the sun for a few days.

What is the best way to store them?

There are some:

  • In a ceramic pot for garlic.
  • In a pot with oil or vinegar. They have to be consumed quickly.
  • Braided and hung in the pantry.

Did you know how to harvest garlic?

How to harvest garlic

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