How to maintain a garden with dogs

Are dogs and gardens compatible? Of course! But you have to do some things to make it so. For this reason, if you live with a furry four-legged dog and you would also like it to enjoy the outdoors like you, follow the advice that we offer below.

Because we want the whole family to have a good time, we are going to tell you how to maintain a garden with dogs .


  • Take your dog for a walk every day
  • 2 Protect your plants
  • 3 Create a play area for the furry
  • 4 Do not put toxic plants
  • 5 Reserve an area where you go to relieve yourself

Take your dog for a walk daily

Dog walking in the field

Dogs are animals that need to go out and exercise every day. Although our land is very large, nothing will be as stimulating as a walk or several. This is the only way to avoid, to a large extent, digging holes and destroying the plants. For this reason, it is important that each outing lasts at least 30 minutes and that you go at a brisk pace or even by bicycle .

protect your plants

Especially if it is a puppy or if it is a very nervous dog, it is important to protect the most vulnerable plants, such as those that have been planted in the ground for a short time and those in the garden. For this purpose we can use metal mesh (grids) attached to stakes well anchored in the ground.

Create a play area for the furry

Play for dogs is very, very important. Not only does it help them stay fit, but they also use it to get closer to their family. Therefore, we recommend reserving a space in the garden so that we can play with it .

Do not put toxic plants

There are a number of plants that are toxic to dogs . For your own good, it is essential not to put any of them and, in the event that we already have one, protect it with metal mesh or remove it to prevent problems from arising.

Reserve an area where you go to relieve yourself

Dogs prefer to relieve themselves on the ground rather than on gravel or in newspaper, so from the first day they arrive home we will have to take them to the same area of ​​the garden where they go to relieve themselves . Little by little he will only learn to go there.

young dog in a garden

We hope they have been useful to you

How to maintain a garden with dogs

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