How to maintain clay pots

Clay pots are beautiful. It is true that they have a somewhat higher price than the plastic ones, but they are so decorative that they enhance the beauty of any plant; I insist, anyone. Whether they are cacti or flowers, palm trees or climbers, if they are in this type of container we can be sure that the room will look much better. But how do we make them last for many years?

The material with which they are made is quite resistant, but over time it can crack. To avoid this, I am going to tell you how to maintain clay pots.


  • 1 Clean it up to make it look pretty
  • 2 Prevent cracking

Clean it up to make it look pretty

Over the years, clay pots are covered with a white powder, which is certainly very decorative, but if what interests us is to keep them very clean, what we will have to do is the following :

  1. First of all, we must remove the most superficial dirt with the help of a cleaning brush. A toothbrush that we no longer use can also help us.
  2. Then, in a bucket, add water and 5º vinegar, in a ratio of one cup of vinegar to 3-4 cups of water for about an hour.
  3. Next, we will remove the pot from the bucket and, in case there is any stain left, we will brush it again with soap and water.
  4. Finally, we will only have to leave it in the sun to dry.

prevent cracking

Having it exposed to the sun every day can crack it. To prevent this from happening, what we can do is submerge it in cold water for 24 hours in the open air as soon as we buy it . With this simple trick, we will strengthen it. We can go doing it for example once a year; This way we will make it last much longer.

Another option is to impregnate it with oil or virgin wax heated and diluted with turpentine in equal parts.

Protect your clay pots from inclement weather

I hope these tips will be useful for your clay pots to last longer 

How to maintain clay pots

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