How to make a tree grow fast

Young trees are very beautiful, but if we compare them with those that have been around for 20 or 30 years, the truth is that they do not have as high an ornamental value as their old counterparts. Perhaps that is why as soon as we buy them we do the impossible to accelerate their growth rate. Or maybe not all.

We worry about watering it, but many times we forget to provide other care that is also necessary. So if you would like to meet them, read on to find out how to make a tree grow fast .


  • 1 Choose species resistant to your climate
  • 2 Plant your tree in the right place
  • 3 Give him all the care he needs

Choose species resistant to your climate

The climate is very important, since depending on its characteristics we can successfully cultivate some species or others successfully . So, if we have a Japanese maple in an area where in summer the thermometer rises to 40ºC and in winter it barely drops below 0º, it will be very difficult to get it to grow fast, since it is in a place where it survives rather than lives. On the contrary, if we plant a carob tree in the same area, we can be sure that in a few years we will have a beautiful specimen.

Plant your tree in the right place

As necessary as knowing the climate we have and the rusticity of the tree is to plant it in an area where it can grow and develop correctly. This means that we must know the adult dimensions that it will have , as well as the behavior of its root system in order to locate it in a place where it can be seen in all its splendor.

Give him all the care he needs

A tree is a living being that, in order to stay alive, requires a series of care. Although they may vary depending on the species, here is a guide on how you should treat it:

  • Location : Outside, either in partial shade or in full sun.
  • Irrigation : about 2-3 times a week in summer and every 5 days the rest of the year.
  • Soil : will depend on the species. The acidophiles need a soil whose pH is between 4 and 6; the rest can be grown in soils that have a pH of 6 to 7.5.
  • Subscriber : throughout the growing season, that is, from early spring to late autumn, with organic fertilizers .
  • Planting time : due to its size, a tree will grow better in soil than in a pot. For this reason, it is advisable to plant it when it has a minimum height of 30cm, in spring.
  • Prune : only if necessary, in autumn or at the end of winter. Dry, diseased or weak branches, and those that have grown too much, must be removed.
Specimen of Acacia saligna

With these tips, your tree will surely grow a little faster 

How to make a tree grow fast

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