How to make homemade planters

Nowadays, anything can serve as pots to place plants. From an old tire , to a plastic bottle, through balls made with coconut fiber and sewn moss as seen in the image above, they can be great planters that will give a special color to your home.

They are very easy to make, and it will not take much time. On the contrary, we can enjoy seeing them every day.

cacti in cups

Fancy a cactus-flavored tea? Okay, okay, just kidding. But who doesn’t love these little guys in cups? They are very decorative , ideal to place on a table, in the hall,… wherever you like.

How is it done? Too easy. All you have to do is place soil with sand inside, to later place the plant you want, be it cactus, succulents, flower plants…


The tires give a lot of play. Each of them can form a small garden . You can place any plant in them, except those that grow a lot, such as trees or palm trees. For the rest, a tire with a few Echeveria for example, or with bulbous flowers, will give a spectacular color wherever they are.

It is not essential to turn the tire over. It is enough to give it a coat of paint, place a grid inside it which has small holes, a shading mesh (for example), soil and of course plants.

plant in bottle

Millions of plastic bottles are thrown away every year. In each of them you can plant small plants, such as succulents or even horticultural plants as seen in the image.

With a cuttex you can cut a piece of the bottle, put soil and then the plant.

And now there is only one thing left: enjoy!

How to make homemade planters

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