How to plant tomatoes

Tomatoes are horticultural plants that, due to their rapid growth and high production, are one of the most cultivated both in the garden and in the pot. They hardly require space to grow and develop, which is very interesting whether we have a small plot of land or a patio or balcony.

They are also one of the easiest vegetables to grow. So if you would like to start taking care of greenery and get it to bear fruit in spring, we are going to explain how to plant tomatoes .


  • 1 How to plant tomatoes in a pot?
  • 2 And in the garden?

How to plant tomatoes in a pot?


To be able to grow well and bear an interesting amount of fruit, tomatoes must be in pots of about 40cm in diameter . But of course, we cannot transfer newly germinated or purchased seedlings to such large pots, since otherwise the delicate rootlets would rot in less time than we imagine. So, what to do?

To avoid problems, we have to do the following:

  1. When we are going to remove them from the seedbed, what we will do is prepare a pot for each one that measures 20cm in diameter, filling it practically completely.
  2. Then, we will make a small hole in the center with two fingers or with a stick.
  3. Next, we will take the seedlings and plant them in the container, making sure that they do not fall too far below the rim.
  4. Finally, we will water.

After two months, we will repeat these steps, but this time we will move them to a 35-40cm pot and we will place a stake on them so that they can develop correctly.

And in the orchard?

stakes for tomato plants

We will need tutors like these so that the tomato plants can grow well.

If we intend to plant a series of tomato plants in the garden, what we must do is the following:

  1. The first thing is to prepare the ground, removing the stones as well as the wild grasses. In addition, it will also be necessary to fertilize it with organic fertilizers, such as manure or earthworm humus .
  2. Then, we will proceed to place the stakes, as seen in the image above, leaving a distance of about 40cm between them. In this way, as the seedlings grow, we can hold them to them, preventing the stems from splitting.
  3. Next, we will install the drip irrigation system if we do not have it installed.
  4. Now, we will plant the seedlings so that they are separated from each other by about 35-40cm.
  5. Finally, we will water.
How to plant tomatoes

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