How to remove ticks from your garden

Our garden is visited by countless insects, some of which are beneficial, others dangerous, and others responsible for plant pests and diseases. Ticks are blood suckers and can be a potential danger to your family and your pet . It can cause anything from simple skin irritation to the spread of disease.

Therefore, it is important to control fleas and ticks in the garden. Here we are going to show you some guidelines to eliminate them. Do you want to know more about it?


  • 1 Lawn treatment
  • 2 Garden cleaning

lawn treatment

To have good control over ticks it is important to have the lawn in ideal conditions. To do this, we have to cut the grass at a suitable height and with a frequency that does not allow a better passage of fleas and ticks. These insects hide when the grass is longer. We also cannot cut them so short, since it attracts spiders and ants.

Overwatering should also be avoided, as these insects prefer moist environments . If you have a drainage problem, aeration can help.

garden cleaning

dogs and ticks

Keeping your garden clean is vitally important to eliminate habitats where fleas and ticks settle and lay their eggs. Remove yard debris, such as piles of wood, bricks, and stones. Pick up discarded pots and other garden supplies.

Monitor and control the places where your pets frequent, especially if they are more humid or shaded places. Prevent wildlife from entering your garden. Urban wildlife carries fleas and ticks. These include squirrels, deer, rabbits, raccoons, mice, and feral cats.

To prevent ticks from entering the house, put up a barrier with pesticides so that they do not migrate into the house. You can also protect your home by putting up bird feeders. These are insect and rodent predators that will keep ticks away.

Finally, something as simple as letting the sun pass. Trimming the trees and shrubs in your yard will allow the sun to get in better and will prevent those shady and moist areas for ticks.

How to remove ticks from your garden

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