Most common plant pests and diseases

It is always good to know the main pests and diseases of plants in order to recognize them when checking them and then apply an effective solution as soon as possible.

Among the main pests are aphids , small insects, often greenish in color, that through their beak absorb the sap of plants and that is how they weaken them to the point that they can die if they are not attacked in time. . In case the attack is mild, it is recommended to cut the damaged leaves and shoots. In addition, you can spray with a mixture of soft soap and a jet of methyl alcohol mixed in a liter of water.

Other enemies of the plants are the Mealybugs , which cause the deformation and fall of the leaves. This pest can be detected just by looking at the plant as it forms white and brown shields.

The white fly is also a very frequent plague and it is an insect that secretes a sticky substance on the plants where the black Negrilla fungus later settles. Leaves lose color and curl.

The Red Spider is a tiny 1 mm mite and very treacherous because it is difficult to see with the naked eye. To combat it, you have to spray the plant with water on top because these spiders are very bothered by water.

So-called soil worms also live in the soil . There are different species – white, gray or brown – and they affect the roots. The most common are white worms, which you can spot by burrowing through the surface of the ground.

Most common plant pests and diseases

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