When does the magnolia tree bloom in Spain: all the details

Magnolias are one of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom. And having her in the garden is quite a spectacle. However, as you know, these flowers do not last long. That is why knowing when the magnolia tree blooms in Spain can help you enjoy the flowers for as long as possible. But […]

Solar Table Lamp Buying Guide

More and more people are encouraged to protect the environment and the planet they live on because they know that it will not last forever at the rate that we destroy it. Therefore, they start using ecological alternatives such as a solar table lamp. If you also want to take advantage of sunlight and thus […]

Discover varieties of plants with red balls for your garden

There are many types of plants in the plant kingdom.. Some have special characteristics, such as a plant with red balls. In fact, if we ask you about them, it is possible that you associate them with a typical Christmas plant. But, did you know that there are many more plants with little red balls? […]

How To Buy Garden Ornament Wells

Have you ever considered placing attention-grabbing decorations in your garden? For example, the garden ornament wells, can you imagine having your own wishing well? Well now you can get it because yes, this product exists and you can buy it to install in your home. But, which ones are the best? What should you watch? […]

Looking for a tree with white flowers? Meet some!

Having a tree in your garden is something elegant, sophisticated… But, what about a tree with white flowers? Without a doubt, in its flowering season it will attract a lot of attention. And the truth is that there are enough varieties to have not just one, but several of them. Here we have prepared a […]

How to buy an outdoor fire pit

Can you imagine enjoying a night in the light of an outdoor brazier? Believe it or not, it is one of the garden accessories that you can use to enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility (although in some cases it can also be used to cook something). If you have never considered buying an […]

The best shade plants for outdoor pots

Many times we think that plants always require sun, but the truth is that this is not the case.. There are some that like to be in semi-shade, and other shade plants for outdoor pots. About the latter we want to talk to you. And is that, could you give us some examples of them? […]

When are tulips planted: the best tips and tricks

Tulips are quite in demand in the world of gardening and many people want to learn how to plant a cultivar. The doubt of many people is when are tulips planted since it has to be at the time of the year where it is most favorable for their correct development. In this article we […]

What to do so that the fig tree bears figs

Surely, if you have a garden, or you like bonsai, you have ever bought a fig tree. Perhaps you have even planted it expecting it to bear fruit. But, what to do so that the fig tree bears figs? Just plant it and that’s it? If you have a fig tree and it doesn’t give […]

How to make ficus cuttings in water

One of the The most common techniques to carry out cuttings is that of water. It really consists of putting the cuttings in water and waiting for them to come out and develop roots. For this reason, many who have plants use it. And today we want to focus on how to make ficus cuttings […]

Neem Oil and Potassium Soap: What are they and how are they used

More and more people are reluctant to use chemical components to combat pests and plant diseases. These products are not only harmful to insects and fungi, but also to fauna and even flora found in the environment. In the case of vegetables, it can even be harmful to ourselves. However, it is important to know […]

How to buy a drainage mesh for artificial grass

In artificial grass installations, one of the first steps taken is to place a drainage mesh for artificial grass so that weeds do not grow and end up disfiguring the final appearance of that area. However, in the market there are many and very varied, How to buy suitable artificial grass drainage mesh? What do […]

How to buy a wooden enclosure for a terrace

Intimacy is becoming more and more important, not wanting your neighbors to see you. For this reason, a wooden enclosure for a terrace is so important, since this way you preserve what you do without others being able to see it. But which are the best on the market? What do they depend on? How […]

Navelina orange: main characteristics and care

As you know, within the orange tree varieties there are many and knowing them all is almost impossible. However, some stand out above others, such as the Navelina orange, one of those that you can plant in cold areas and with not very good soils. Do you want to know more about this plant? Then […]

Buying guide for a rubber floor with circles

Source photo floor rubber circles: Curtiplás There are times when you need to provide a floor that is non-slip and gives you more safety. To do this, many opt for a rubber floor with circles, ideal for gyms but also for gardens. For example, if you have a children’s area, laying this type of flooring […]

Mulberry diseases: What is it, pests and diseases, care

Each plant is a world. To understand and cultivate them, we must know their needs and preferences. When vegetables are well cared for, it shows in their appearance and in the production of their flowers and fruits. In the case of blackberries, it is essential to provide them with certain requirements and knowing how to […]

How should avocado irrigation be?

Image – Flickr / Mauricio Mercadante How is avocado irrigation? This is a fruit tree that cannot be thirsty for a long time, especially in summer, with high temperatures. So in regions where there is drought, or where it rains little during the warmer months of the year, it is important to water from time […]

Practical Guide to Buying a Concealment Hamper

When you have a patio, a terrace, a garden, and you want to go outside, the last thing you would like is for the neighbors, or anyone passing by, to see what you are doing. It is not only for the privacy that you want to have, but also for your safety. That is why […]

How to sow chickpeas: when and how to sow them step by step

Of Turkish origin, chickpeas are annual plants that are very rich in starch, fiber, phosphorus, protein and vitamins. These legumes are very popular in gastronomy, thanks to all their nutrients and their flavor. In addition, chickpeas are a great help in regulating blood sugar levels and keeping blood pressure stable. Therefore, it is not surprising […]

How to buy successful outdoor string lights

Source_Amazon With summer, the desire to spend more time outside your home increases. The problem is that, during the day, it can be too hot; and at night it will hardly be seen unless you have outdoor string lights. How about we help you buy some of the best on the market at a suitable […]

Malus everest: main characteristics and care

One of the varieties of apple tree that is used especially in bonsai for its decorative style is the Malus everest. It is a curious type of apple tree that you can have either as a mini tree or as a normal tree. But how is? What care do you need? If you want to […]

Practical guide to buy motor pumps for the garden

Source_Amazon When you have a garden and it is fairly large, or you need more specialized technology, motor pumps can be one of those important elements. But, How to choose a motorized pump on the market and make the right purchase? If you have doubts and want to play it safe, how about we give […]

Is it good to spray plants with water?

In many places I have read that you have to spray the plants at least once a day, which is something that worries me a lot because not always a good idea. For example, if I did it myself, it wouldn’t be long before I saw how the leaves were filled with fungus. And it […]

How to recover a ficus that has lost its leaves

A ficus is one of the most common evergreen plants that you can have both indoors and outdoors. The problem is that, sometimes, you can find that it loses its leaves. And you don’t really know what happened. Do you want to know how to recover a ficus that has lost its leaves? So, pay […]

Tips and ideas for designing wall gardens

Source: Casafe Are you one of those who see the wall of your garden and come up with thousands of ideas to fill them with plants? Or maybe you have run out of space in the garden to place more plants and you can’t stop? So how about we help you design wall gardens? Next […]

How to buy outdoor LED spotlights: a practical guide

Source_Amazon There are times when you need to have led spotlights outside the home. They can be to illuminate the part of the garage, but areas of the garden… But, when buying them, how to get the right outdoor led spotlights? If you don’t have much of an idea, and you don’t want to buy […]

What is rosemary alcohol for: all uses

There are times when natural products can help your body feel better. And many of these come from plants. One of them is rosemary alcohol, a maceration of rosemary branches in alcohol. But, what is rosemary alcohol good for? If you did not know it (since it is a rather unknown product) below we give […]

white peonies

White peonies are one of the flowers most appreciated by many, especially for their pure color. However, do you know what they are like? What meaning do they have or care for them to flourish in their time? If you want to know more about this type of flower and plant, take a look at […]

What is Scottish thistle?

There are many flowers that exist on this planet. However, some of them stand out more than others, either for beauty, for their properties or for the importance we give them on a symbolic level. The latter is usually closely related to the region in which we live. It is possible that here a certain […]

Play tape plant in water

If you like the tape plant, you surely have one or more at home. And, as you know, its propagation is quite simple. ButDo you know how to reproduce the tape plant in water? It is one of the best ways to do it, because that way it takes root much more quickly. However, you […]

How to decorate a wicker basket with dried flowers

The decoration and the plants always make a good combination. However, sometimes, the fact of having to change the plants because they die, or taking care of them, tires. And that is when we propose other options, such as artificial flowers or dried flowers. These are the ones we are going to focus on, specifically […]

How to buy a round folding table correctly

Source_Amazon Do you want to buy a round folding table for your home? Maybe for the garden and thus use it when necessary? It is not a bad idea. The problem is finding the most suitable one based on what you are looking for. In this article we will try to help you by talking […]

When should you put manure in the garden

When we begin to sow in the garden, we always have the doubt of when to put manure in the garden. The manure serves to nourish the soil and to be able to give the plants all the necessary nutrients so that they can grow in good conditions. However, not everyone knows when to use […]

What is the sunflower seed for: all the uses it has

Sunflowers are one of the most beautiful plants you can have in the garden. But what you may not know is that the seed can have many uses. Could you tell us what the sunflower seed is for? Don’t worry if you don’t have an answer. Next we are going to talk about it so […]

Ideas of centerpieces for summer weddings

Are you getting married this year? And do you like plants? So, Why not bring your wedding and plants together in a series of centerpiece ideas for summer weddings? If you want the tables of your guests at the wedding to leave an unforgettable memory, then we are going to give you several suggestions for […]

Oxalis tetraphylla: main characteristics and care

Surely in stores you have often seen the so-called “butterfly flowers”, a type of plant with purple flowers that close at night. But perhaps what you don’t know is that these Oxalis are actually of many types. For example, the Oxalis tetraphylla, also called deppei, which we want to talk to you about. You know […]

Practical guide to buy a garden fridge

Source_Amazon The good weather, the holidays or simply wanting to enjoy the garden make us accommodate ourselves and not have to get up to go to the fridge for water, for something to eat… But keeping it cold is not easy when you are outside. Unless you have a garden fridge. But how to buy […]

juniper bonsai | Gardening On

Within the world of bonsai, there are some specimens that, due to their size or for everything that can be achieved with them, are highly appreciatedhence its high price in some cases. This is what happens with the Juniperus bonsai. If you want to know more things about this bonsai, such as its characteristics, care […]

These are the most profitable crops you could grow

Perhaps you have a small piece of land that you would like to cultivate. Or perhaps you dedicate yourself to agriculture, or you are going to start, and You want to know which are the most profitable crops to get the most out of your work. Be that as it may, with data from 2022 […]

Matucana madisoniorum: main characteristics and care

If you like cacti, surely you have heard of the Matucana madisoniorum. Perhaps you even have it in your collection, since it is one of the most common and that you can find in its normal version and in its variegated version. But what do you know about him? And what about the care he […]

How is the mint flower, when it blooms and care

The mint plant is one of the best known. But, Have you ever seen the mint flower? Do you know when it blooms and the characteristics it has? Next we want to talk to you about it and also the care it will need so that you can see it flourish. Go for it? How […]

The best hooks for hanging pots you can buy

Source_Amazon There is nothing more beautiful than having plants at home, on the terrace, in the garden… However, sometimes the space on the floor is short and we have to look for other options to continue increasing our collection of plants.. Have you thought about buying hooks to hang pots? If you had already considered […]

How To Make Flower Crowns: Big And Small And How To Preserve Them

Like many, I have also dreamed of having beautiful and striking flower crowns, like a forest fairy. We can enjoy these beautiful decorations in special events, such as weddings, carnival or in medieval markets. Buying one of these accessories that is really spectacular can be expensive. But do not worry: I will explain in this […]

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