Wild orchids of Spain | Gardening On

When we think of an orchid, the normal thing is that we believe that they come from Asia, or that they at least originate from there. But what if we tell you not to go too far? And they exist wild orchids of Spain, to the point of having more than 80 different species that […]

Floriography: what it is, characteristics, stories and language of flowers

Nature is full of beautiful flowers, we can only appreciate their beauty and try to speak their language. Since ancient times, we have tried to give them different meanings from the perspective of religion, mythology or folklore. That is why there is floriographywhich gives different meanings to each flower that exists. In this article we […]

Recover your cyclamen with yellow leaves with these simple tricks

Cyclamen is a bulbous plant that blooms through the fall, and even into winter weather permitting. During those months it is beautiful, with its curious pink, red or yellow flowers. But it is also when there is a greater risk of having yellowish or brown leaves, since watering in those seasons becomes an even more […]

How to plant chrysanthemums | Gardening On

It is possible to grow the chrysanthemum in pots or in the ground. There are at least 200 species of chrysanthemums that differ from each other by time and type of flowering, by posture, and by life cycle. Many varieties of chrysanthemum are suitable for growing in pots and others are suitable for the soil. […]

Save cyclamen bulbs | Gardening On

With autumn, and especially winter, we know that all those plants that have accompanied us in spring and summer are going to disappear. Some may resurface after a few months, the following spring, but others need a little help from us to do so. Therefore, today we want to show you the ways to save […]

Erigeron: Care and explanation of this genus of plants

There are many different types of plants and flowers that can be really spectacular in our garden or home. A perfect example for this would be all those species belonging to the genus erected. However, it is not enough to plant the flowers in the ground or put them in a pot. If we want […]

When are tulips planted | Gardening On

Tulips are native to the mountainous regions of Turkey and Central Asia, where winters are cold and summers cool and dry. There, they are hardy and durable perennials. But when grown in more humid climates, in richer soils, or when the summer is very hot, many hybrid tulips, after fully blooming for a few years, […]

Gazanias: care | Gardening On

What is the care of the gazanias? These curious flowers, which only open during the days when the clouds let the sun peek out, and which do not exceed a foot in height, are perfect for decorating the exterior. And it is that, they are just as good on a balcony as in the garden. […]

Parrot tulip: Origin, characteristics, varieties and care

There are many flowers that are used to decorate gardens, terraces and interiors. However, in the end they always end up seeing them in every home. To break a bit with this monotony we can opt for more exotic, unique and special plants. An example for this would be the parrot tulip. It has a […]

Potted geranium care: aspects to consider

Geranium is one of the most popular plants in Spain. It resists drought and heat well, in addition its flowers are also responsible for decorating and lighting gardens and balconies in the middle of the country. In addition to being cultivated for its beauty, the geranium has a very special aroma. They are easy to […]

Peony Care | Gardening On

The peony It is one of the most striking flowers that you can have both in your garden and on the terrace. It adapts very well to living in any type of soil, even calcareous ones, so you only have to ask yourself one question when you go to buy one: which one should I […]

How to take care of sage: the best tips and tricks

Sage is a herbaceous plant that we can find in warm and temperate regions of the world. Its growth rate is quite fast, and its cultivation demand is very low, it can be said that it can be cared for only after being planted in the garden for at least a year. You just have […]

Geranium pests: Pests that affect geranium and the African fly

If you are a person who is dedicated to the cultivation of plants, either professionally or as a hobby, you will know perfectly well that the risk of suffering from any plague is very high and really annoying, since not all of them can be eliminated. Some insects can spread to different species of plants, […]

10 cold hardy bulbous | Gardening On

There are many bulbous plants that are truly rustic and capable of withstanding frost and even snowfall. Therefore, if the winters in your area are very hard, you do not have to worry, because even with those conditions you will be able to grow an interesting variety of species in the garden, or if you […]

Dahlia pinnata: What is it, care, pests and diseases

It is indisputable that one of the best and most beautiful ways to decorate our home is through plants, especially those that have flowers. As there are so many different species, each with its own shape and its own colors, we are going to present you a very popular and really beautiful one: The dahlia […]

Perennial wars: cultivation, care and more

The Perpetual wars It is a small grass, almost tussock, but it produces flowers of a white color that attracts all eyes. It is well known by the name of the daisy of the meadows, since it is common to find it in those places, but also in the gardens and in the openings. Like […]

Abelia grandiflora care: watering, climate and maintenance

The genus of abelias contains 30 species and all of them are shrubs native to Mexico and Asia. They have semi-evergreen foliage that has a bright green color and are very useful for gardening and decorating green spaces. One of the most used is Abelia grandiflora. The care of Abelia grandiflora They are not complicated […]

Types of Gazania and tips to keep them healthy

One of the most curious flowering plants are the gazanias: its petals only open on sunny days, and close when it gets dark. Therefore, it is in summer when they are most beautiful, since it is when there are more days in which the star king remains without being hidden behind the clouds. But, although […]

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