Pallet garden: how to do it

Currently we can see how pallets have become one of the important parts in some homes, since it is possible to find them both on the streets and in stores and they can also be used for a large number of things .

So if you have some ingenuity and a little dexterity with your hands, you have the opportunity to re-use them to carry out a project in your garden, for example, you could make several rustic pots or you could use them to make your own vegetable garden . your home .


  • 1 Organic is in fashion
  • 2 Create your garden with pallets easily

Eco is in fashion

be green and take care of the environment
As can be seen, the ecological is becoming more and more fashionable , due to the fact that with the passing of days many campaigns appear, which are intended to make many more people begin to become aware that, if we unite, among we could all help create a development process that is much more sustainable.

You should only use parts and/or products that are recycled in each of your projects, since this, without a doubt, is the best way to help and cooperate with the environment. Carrying out an ecological project is something very simple to do if you have the necessary recycled products, which is why we will now teach you everything you need to know so that you can make your own ecological garden using pallets.

Create your garden with pallets easily

create a garden with wooden pallets
You do not need to have a large number of things, since to start making your small garden with pallets, you only have to get about 3 or 4 wooden pallets , which turn out to be very easy to find, since in many stores they tend to pile them up in the back, to later throw them away, you will also need a plastic mesh for agricultural use , since this will be the central element in your garden.

You should also have several tools such as a drill, a hammer, a brush and a saw, as well as several screws, a thick bristle brush, sandpaper and varnish, with which you will protect the surface of the wood you will use. And if you prefer, the varnish could also be an ecological one .

To begin , what you should do is disassemble the pallets , being very careful that they do not break, since this generally turns out to be the hardest part of the whole job, since disassembling the pallets will take a little time . When you have finished disassembling the pallets, you must take the saw and pass it along the edges of the wood, and then add a little varnish with the help of the brush.

As we said before, you could choose, either between a chemical product or an ecological product, if you really want the final result of your work to be an ecological project, totally 100% natural .

As soon as the wood is ready, it will be time to take your hammer along with the screws to build the structure that your garden will have .

You can make it any way you like, i.e. you can divide it into several sections or make it a simple rectangular shape . For this you will need to use 4 pallets for the sides and one large enough or several thin ones to create the base. If you want it to have a little more height, you will have to find 4 more pallets to make some legs . Although you must be very careful to place the screws well, so that your garden is strong enough.

To finish your garden made with pallets, you only need to distribute the plastic mesh , it must be above the base of your garden in order to prevent water and earth from coming into contact with the wooden pallets and to damage. Once this is done, it is time to put the substrate and those plants that are of your choice and your garden will be ready for you to enjoy organic products grown by you.

Pallet garden: how to do it

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