Planting and Growing Tomatoes. Easy and healthy!

We teach you how, when, and where it is possible to grow tomatoes, be sure to read this article and we will tell you how to grow and plant tomatoes in your home, orchard, or garden!

Did you know…? Tomatoes are a direct family of aubergines, potatoes, and bell peppers. Fruits and tubers full of water, all rich in liquids that help our health miraculously.

Its origin is Mexican, although the tomato plant, as well as its seeds, are worldwide, it is a world fruit. That is why we can all grow tomatoes at home, here we show you how!

Planting our own fruits, tubers and vegetables, in addition to the fact that it can be a natural de-stressor at a very low cost, we will be rewarded for the beautiful colors that will provide our home, without counting on the happiness of eating what we care for ourselves and we water throughout its production process.

Growing tomatoes at home, garden, or orchard is an excellent option for both our health and that of our children. Keeping everything we consume as healthy as possible free from contamination until it reaches our palates is increasingly important for everyone, for which we do not need much.

Planting tomatoes is an activity that will benefit us in many areas, personal, family, in our diet, and our day today.

Our beloved tomato is an extremely easy plant to plant, maintain, and take advantage of!

Where and how to plant and grow tomatoes

This point is very important since according to where you will place the tomato crop, you can follow certain more appropriate tips.

If you have a large space, you must take into account or study the amount of sun that the crop must receive, the pests, the fertilizer that the land must have, or if it is fertile enough to keep the plantation in good condition and packed with nutrients. You should study the amount of fertilizer that can be emptied or if it is really necessary.

On the other hand, if you use pots or a large seedling type, you should evaluate the same aspects mentioned above, but always taking into account the amount of sun it should receive.

Making a garden at home, from the balconies of an apartment is not complex, nor a crazy idea, we explain all the details of how to get a beautiful and healthy plant of “traditional” tomatoes or the delicious cherry tomatoes in pots or in a small orchard or land from the comfort of our home with simple materials that we will surely have on hand!

When is the best time to grow a tomato?

It is recommended that it be during the sunniest and “coolest” months, such as April, May, June, (it is strongly recommended that it be at the beginning of the hot season beginning the summer).

Should I plant the tomato directly in the ground or in a container to sprout?

It is recommended that the plant be kept in the first weeks in a small seedling, during the first stages of growth, that or in a container.

How long in the container or seedling?

8 weeks approximately

Can I have the tomato plant in my home window?

As we mentioned and recommend at the beginning if you can plant tomatoes in your window and you cannot plant tomatoes in an orchard, don’t worry.

This plant does not usually take large dimensions in a small space, be it a balcony or the living room of our home.

In the case of planting tomatoes in an orchard, the recommendations will be different.

What type of land do I need?

Like all plants in general, soils must be fertile land through nutrients, manure, or fertilizer.

tomato plant in greenhouses

In general, natural residues serve very well as a form of natural fertilizer and at very low costs, banana shells, camber, eggshells, avocado shells, orange peels, apples, in short, the vegetable residues are many.

How to germinate tomato seeds?

Tomato seeds are sown in a small container with very little soil, something like three fingers, which receives a certain amount of moisture and sun, a lot of sun.

This operation should be carried out during the hottest months of the year (April, May), at the most two or three weeks it is carefully transferred to a small plastic container, something like a jelly container, an excellent idea it is to take a small container of drinking water and chop it in half, pierce the bottom and germinate the seeds there, it works wonderfully, we recycle and save some money.

One week after this second transfer, we proceed to plant in a large planter or in some land, orchard, or suitable space for it to grow.

Should it touch the sun directly, how long?

The tomato is one of the fruits that need more sun, if you do not have sun it is not even worth trying. There must be at least 6 hours of sun a day.

The plant needs its roots to be warm for the tomato to see the light.

It is important and necessary to uncover this one of the leaves that prevent the passage of the sun, in addition, it is important that the plant grows upright.

How much should I water the tomato plant?

Although the tomato is certainly delicious and we love it madly, it is also true that the plant is prone (if we do not take proper care) to suffer from some disease.

Take it easy, this recommendation is for the “big harvests”, and for those who want a large tomato garden, for them, it is recommended that the watering to be used is a “drop count”, it becomes much more controlled and we can take steps to I pass the humidity that the earth suffers.

Our tomato plant is not an innate lover of water much less moisture. It is recommended not to be very generous with watering or not to do it as often as we usually water our plants normally, this to avoid that the plant (the leaves) begins to attract a predator such as flies or mealybug among some others, this is will speak later.

Tips and recommendations

To avoid that our tomatoes are either in the garden or in the planter of our houses from cracking, it is important to take into account these steps:

We insist, limit yourself with the water, for sure at some point you will have seen at least in your life a tomato cracked and even detached from itself, this happens due to the accumulation of water among other things.

So that this does not happen with our tomato plant to have a greenhouse, it is best to apply the watering at the drop rate during the first hours of the morning so that the soil can absorb the heat from it.

We highly recommend using plant residues to avoid disfigurement of our plant.


Curiosities of the tomato plant

  • At least 80% of people think that tomato is a vegetable, no, it is not, it is a fruit !, Like its cousin the eggplant, yes, she is also a fruit.
  • This beautiful plant is by nature a climbing plant, therefore, it is necessary to stake it (place a wooden stake of approximately 15 cm, at the beginning of its growth it should increase in height as it increases) this will make the plant grow upright that also serves as a tuning during the formation period as our tomato grows strong and large, remember not to hold it so tightly that you will not stun tomato growth.
  • The tomato plant can grow a lot if we are not careful, it can be a very scattered plant, to avoid this what we recommend is: blunt the tips, cut the leaves from the tip after it reaches the meter. You can do this with your hands, avoid scissors!
  • Obviously, this and all plants should be treated with care and attention, kind of like, love! , it is recommended to converse, yes, as well as read it, converse, talk to them, and even put on some music from time to time. Remember that they are also living beings!

We have already seen how to grow the tomato plant even from the comfort of our balcony.

Now in addition to talking about larger spaces and their care and maintenance, we will also talk about how to grow cherry tomatoes without leaving home!

Grow tomato plant in the orchard and wide spaces

The care for the spaces larger than our flowerpot on the balcony is all the care we have been talking about but with greater consistency and attention.

It is important as we have already said to keep the leaves of our plant at a low profile, which allows both the passage of light and the value of the sun, to avoid the shadow on our roots. This will also protect us against any disease that claims to harm our tomatoes.

plant tomatoes at home

We germinate our seeds in this case in a seedling and in the aforementioned period we proceed to carry out our 3 moves, remember that our tomato will be at least 2 or 3 weeks, the following week we pass our beautiful plant to our garden, land or air space free.

  • The distance between plant and plant in the garden is approximately 60 cm.
  • The distance between planting lines in the garden is approximately more, or slightly less than 90 cm (not so much to give it room for growth).
  • The depth in the ground should be approximately 20-30 cm in the ground.

To obtain productive tomato harvests during at least half of the months of the year, sow in stages every 3 weeks during the first days of April until the end of June.

To enjoy the tomatoes with all their flavor, harvest them when they have reached the right size and color according to their variety.

And ready! In about 3 months we will have in addition to a beautiful climbing plant a delicious fruit: The Tomato!

Now we go with our bonus:  cherry tomato cultivation!

Can I grow cherry tomatoes at home?

Definitely yes, yes we can.

It is not that the cherry tomato plant varied somewhat from the “traditional” tomato plant in addition to its beautiful size and its strong and delicious flavor. It is a very beautiful plant to look at.

Planting and Growing Tomatoes. Easy and healthy!

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