Soil conditions for cultivation: more about water retention

The success of your crops largely depends on the characteristics of the soil . That is why today we will continue studying the ideal conditions that a piece of land must have so that the specimens grow healthy and strong.

We have already talked about some central aspects such as depth and structure and now it is time to take into account other issues such as water retention .

A good soil is one that has a good capacity to retain water, something that does not happen with sandy soils that, on the contrary, are dry and that is why they must be watered very frequently. On the contrary, a clay soil may not drain properly and thus accumulate too much water.

What to do in these cases? To improve sandy soils that fail to retain water, you can add peat or other types of organic matter, at a rate of about 100 kilos per 100 m2. Another option is to incorporate a little clay soil.

In the event that the soil retains little water, it is best to water more frequently but in less quantity. It is common that in sandy soils drip irrigation is carried out, much more precise and uniform.

Soil conditions for cultivation: more about water retention

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