The best plants to repel mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are very annoying insects, which as soon as they can get inside our houses and bite us. It is popularly believed that where there are plants, there are mosquitoes. But there are also plants that, instead of attracting them, repel them .

These plants are a highly recommended option for those who do not wish to use chemical products, or for those who have not obtained positive results using them.


Citronella , whose scientific name is Cympobogon nardus , is a herbaceous plant that likes humidity. It will live well surrounded by grass, or indoors. It is very adaptable.

Citronella oil is extracted from this plant . A powerful oil that effectively repels mosquitoes, without any risk to health. It is also antibacterial, fungicide and herbicide.


Lavender  is a herbaceous-shrub plant native to the Mediterranean . The essence of lavender is extracted from its flowers, which is widely used to make perfumes, cover unpleasant odors and as an insecticide.

It is very resistant to drought, so much so that it is highly appreciated in xeriscaping. It also resists frost, as long as they are weak.


Calendula is an annual herbaceous plant with beautiful flowers, very similar to daisies, of various colors (orange, red), native to the Mediterranean and Asia Minor. It is a plant whose maintenance is low.

Its flowers are used to decorate cakes, and its tender leaves for salads. The leaves and stems are used in traditional medicine to treat irritations, eczema and small wounds.


Rosemary is perhaps one of the plants that has been used the most and is used in traditional medicine. It is a shrub with small green lanceolate leaves and lilac flowers that will undoubtedly provide great benefits to those who have it. It is very ornamental, resistant to drought and light frosts, and does not usually have pest problems.

As a medicinal plant, it is used as an insecticide, antiseptic, antirheumatic.

Mosquitoes will have nothing to do against these magnificent plants.

The best plants to repel mosquitoes

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