Tips and recommendations on pest fumigation

When we grow plants from time to time throughout their lives we will have to treat them against pests. Although there are many home and natural remedies that we can use to end the problem, the reality is that sometimes we have no choice but to opt for chemical insecticides.

These products, if not used properly, can end up harming not only the plant itself but also ourselves. That’s why we recommend you follow these tips on pest fumigation .


  • 1 Use the right insecticide
  • 2 Fumigate at sunset
  • 3 Protect your body
  • 4 Do not smoke or eat during fumigation

Use the right insecticide

In nurseries and garden stores you will find many insecticides with different active components. For the treatment to be effective, it is very important that you read the label ; that is, that they inform you about which pests they eliminate. In this way, you will take home a product that will really serve you.

fumigate at sunset

To prevent the leaves from burning in the sun due to the magnifying glass effect, and also for the insecticide to have a greater effect , it is necessary to spray at dusk, and only if the wind is not blowing. Why? Because no matter how well protected you are, you can never know if a drop is going to fall on your skin. The risk is much higher on windy days.

protect your body

In addition to wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, you must wear rubber gloves and a mask . You may think I’m exaggerating, but you really don’t mess with chemicals, much less with your health. A day fumigating without protection can be the difference between being well and having any problem (loss of sensitivity, pain, irritation, itching, burns…).

Do not smoke or eat during fumigation

For obvious reasons: you could get poisoned or burnt . Do it at the end, when you have already washed your hands well with soap and water. Please keep this in mind. Any carelessness could create many problems for you.plastic sprayers

Read the insecticide label and follow its directions exactly. He uses a sprayer to fumigate if few plants are affected.

Fumigation is a very serious thing, as we have seen.

Tips and recommendations on pest fumigation

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