Tips to grow your own terrarium with plants

As we have seen on previous occasions, we can use anything as a pot : from a tire, aquariums,… everything. But today we will go further. Today we will give you some tips so that you can form your own terrarium in bottles or glass decoration objects .

And it is that, if you cannot have a garden or you simply want to decorate your home with plants, this is a great way to achieve it.


First of all, we will have to get small plants, slow-growing or that tolerate pruning well . For example: succulents, moss, ferns, flowering plants,…

Once we have decided what we want to put in our personalized terrarium, we will have to choose the object that we will use as a pot; that is, what will really be the home of our little plants. It can be a bottle, a vase, a crystal ball as seen in the first image… Anything that comes to mind.

And finally we will only have one thing left: the substrate. Depending on which plants we have chosen, we will use one substrate or another. For example: if what we want is to put succulent plants or cacti, we will put a substrate that prevents the roots from being flooded, such as river sand, gravel, clay balls… whatever we prefer, then we will put a little substratum.

If, on the other hand, we want to create a small tropical forest, we will mix the substrate with a little drainage material.


Now there is only one thing left: decorate our terrarium. The first of all is to pour the substrate, then place the plants carefully ( we can help ourselves with tweezers if necessary), and finally we will water. It is important not to overdo the watering. Let us remember that, being an almost closed container, the humidity is high due to the plant’s own respiration and the water that we have poured at the time of watering.

Tips to grow your own terrarium with plants

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