Trees and shrubs for terrace

On numerous occasions we find that we cannot have a garden, and that we have to make do with a balcony, patio or terrace where we can place our plants.

We usually think that trees and shrubs are garden plants , but not pot plants. Well, that is not entirely true, since there are many species that can live well in pots , thus being able to decorate our terraces.

What you do have to keep in mind is that the larger the pot, the greater its growth. For this reason, it is important that we choose slow-growing or small-sized species that tolerate pruning of both branches and roots.

The location in most cases should be in full sun, although there are trees that need to be in semi-shade.

Some commonly used trees and shrubs are:

  • Abelia
  • cypresses
  • Boxwood
  • Many fruit trees, such as: orange, lemon,…
  • magnolia
  • Japanese maples (place in partial shade if we live in a warm climate)
  • Callistemon
  • Oleander ( Nerium oleander )

Without forgetting the bamboos. They are very fast-growing herbaceous plants, but in a pot they are easily controlled . They are ideal for quickly covering an area that we do not want to be very visible, for example. There are many varieties, some with black stems ( Phyllostachys nigra ), others with variegated stems ( Phyllostachys aureasulca ta ), others with very pretty green and yellow stems ( Phyllostachys pseudosasa )…

The substrate that we must choose will depend on the species of plant that we have chosen. A good general mixture would be: 45% black peat, 45% blond peat, and 10% organic fertilizer (worm humus, for example).

It is highly advisable to remove the water from the plate or tray, since this way we can avoid rotting of the plant’s root system.

Trees and shrubs for terrace

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