Tricks for novice gardeners

So you have been thinking about having some plants or giving a little green to that land that seems lifeless. Well if so, surely you want someone to give you some tricks for novice gardeners , right? It is not for less: working with plants is working with living beings, and if they are not well cared for, you can lose them.

But do not worry. With these tips and tricks that we are going to offer you, the probability of this happening to you will be very low.


  • 1 Acquire few plants
  • 2 Do not overwater
  • 3 Protect your plants from drafts
  • 4 Get a basic kit of gardening tools
  • 5 Learn about the needs of each plant

buy few plants

A great way to start is by getting one or two plants, no more. In this way, you will be able to observe how they change throughout the seasons, how and how much they grow, the pests that they may have, and the water needs that each one of them has. .

Once you have learned to take care of them, or in other words, if after at least three months you see them more beautiful (or the same) than when you bought them, then it will be time to acquire some more.

Don’t overwater

metallic watering can

Water is life, but an excess of it is very harmful. The roots must be buried in a substrate that has very good drainage to avoid rotting. In addition, you always have to water when the plant needs it , neither more nor less.

To find out, you have to check the humidity of the soil before watering, inserting a thin wooden stick (like the one used in Japanese restaurants). If when you take it out it comes out practically clean, it means that the soil is dry and that, therefore, you can water.

Protect your plants from drafts

indoor monstera

Air currents, both cold and warm, seriously affect plants, especially if they are indoors. For this reason, it is very important to avoid putting them in passageways, and in rooms where we normally have the windows open or the air conditioning on.

If we have no choice but to have them there, we can use a humidifier nearby to maintain the humidity of the environment.

Get a basic kit of gardening tools

chemical fertilizer for plants

To be able to take care of the plants correctly you will need the following:

  • Pots : essential to have them on the terrace or in the patio.
  • Identification labels : if you plan to have a collection, or if you want to know more about each plant, you can put a label with its scientific name. Use an indelible ink marker so it doesn’t fade over time.
  • Fertilizers : throughout the growing season (spring and summer) you must pay them so they can grow well.
  • Insecticides : although it is difficult for a healthy plant to get sick, it does not hurt to have anti-mite, anti-cochineal and anti-aphid insecticides, which are the most common pests.
  • Fungicides : fungi are microorganisms that can kill plants in less time than we might think. Therefore, it is convenient to have some fungicide to be able to treat the plants.
  • Gloves : They are very necessary to do some work, such as pruning or transplants.
  • Hoe – Very useful for weeding or digging planting holes.
  • Hand saw – To prune plants, a small handsaw will be very necessary.

Learn about the needs of each plant

Frithia pulchra

Each plant is a world, even if two specimens come from the same “parents” and are the same age, they will differ somewhat. More than once it has happened to me that I have had two trees from the same litter, both placed in an area where they were exposed to direct sunlight, and one grew well and the other did not.

In case you have doubts, we can help you . Leave your questions in the Comments or contact us by clicking on Contact (at the bottom of the page) and we will respond as soon as possible.

And welcome to the world of plants!

Tricks for novice gardeners

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