Types of cultivation tables

Thinking of buying a grow table for your balcony? Once you start researching the subject, you find a large number of options that vary not only in aesthetics and manufacturing materials but also in the system.

Beyond the fact that there are plastic, wood or metal growing tables, the important thing is to know that there are two types of them: on the one hand , there are growing tables that follow the traditional method , that is, they work as large receptacles for thus accepting the substrate for the development of plants.


  • 1 The tables of the future
  • 2 For neat gardeners

The tables of the future

On the other, there are the cultivation tables that are oriented to a specific market niche such as hydroponic crops . The latter come with everything necessary for the crops to develop from a nutrient solution with chemical elements mixed with water and that is why they have everything necessary to carry out this process. They come with a water pump that ensures that the water circulates and also with a tank for the nutrient solution and an electricity system that keeps everything working.

cultivation table

On the other hand, the former are much simpler, with a specific amount of substrate for any crop to grow. If you choose these, it is important that you take into account the crops of your interest, because if you choose one that is too thin, it will not have the necessary depth for you to cultivate those varieties that require great depth. These tables use planting substrates that you can find in any nursery.

cultivation table

For neat gardeners

Finally, there are the modular cultivation tables that allow species to be cultivated by groups . They are an alternative to traditional cultivation tables with the possibility that it is possible to group crops, be it culinary, hanging, etc.

Types of cultivation tables

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