Types of lettuce and their properties

Lettuce may be one of the foods that is almost never missing from your meal. Any meal that is made in a restaurant has as a starter a good salad whose main ingredient is lettuce. However, there are countless types of lettuce that we can use and each one varies not only in taste, texture and appearance, but also in the nutrients it provides and the benefits it has. In this article we are going to analyze some of the best types of lettuce suitable for a good diet.

Do you want to know what type of lettuce they are and what properties do they have? You just have to keep reading 🙂

Table of Contents

  • 1 Key features
  • 2 Types of lettuce
    • 2.1 Romaine lettuce
    • 2.2 Escarola
    • 2.3 radicchio
    • 2.4 Trocadero
    • 2.5 Iceberg
    • 2.6 Arugula
    • 2.7 Canons
    • 2.8 Endives
  • 3 Properties and benefits of the types of lettuce

Key features

types of lettuce

Although the person who is going to go on a diet and wants to lose weight by eating lettuce salads seems a cliché, this food has some wonderful properties and more important than we think. Thus, it is necessary to introduce them into our diet to take full advantage of these benefits. Not only does it have nutritional properties, but it is also used for medicine and cosmetics.

Mainly we find the lettuce more in the summer time to be refreshing in a delicious well-dressed salad. Lettuce is not only used in salads, we can find it as an accompaniment to sandwiches, legumes, in various dishes, etc. In all these cases, the lettuce serves as a component that helps to change the flavor so as not to make the food repetitive and provides a freshness and flavor worthy of introducing on the palate.

Types of lettuce

Now we are going to list and describe the most important types of lettuce that you should introduce into your diet given its properties and flavor.

Romaine lettuce

Romaine lettuce

This is the best known for being the one used in most salads. Its stem is quite vigorous and has a long head. It is easily differentiated from other species since the leaves are long and crisp. The intense green color serves to promote advertisements, implying that what we are eating is very healthy. A whiter lettuce does not provide the same marketing as a green lettuce.

Being the most used and sold it is the cheapest that we can find in the market. It contains large amounts of vitamins and minerals and is perfect for all kinds of salads. There is a smaller variety of romaine lettuce for those who don’t eat it very often. In this way they prevent it from deteriorating over time.



This is another type of lettuce that you probably know from having seen it in many dishes. And it is that it is a lettuce widely used in all winter salads.

Its leaf is of the serrated type and the taste is more bitter. Everyone who has tried endive knows that it can be combined with many seasonal foods. The heart of this variety is usually pale yellow or white. The leaves are quite crisp.

It is common to see it introduced in many low-calorie diets and that it is a good option to eliminate that excess fluid retention that we have. The bitter taste may not appeal to as many people as might be expected from its appearance, but there are those who do.



This variety is not well known by this name. In Spain we call it chicory and it has a high antioxidant value. This has made it a good option for a healthy diet rich in nutrients.

Its shape helps it to be versatile in the kitchen. It can be prepared both cooked and stewed. The taste is somewhat bitter and its season runs from January to April.



This French lettuce is better known and has more presence in places where vegetables buy. The leaves are smoother than other lettuces but the flavor is more buttery. The texture is quite adaptable to all types of food, making it a good option to combine with almost anything.


iceberg lettuce

This lettuce is sure to not go unnoticed. It is another of the best known as it is the cheapest. Both in supermarkets and in hotels it is the one that is sold the most and is served since its price is low. This is because It is the lettuce with the least nutritional value to our body.



This type of lettuce has its origin in the Mediterranean. The most abundant season for this lettuce is summer. Its refreshing and bitter taste makes it perfect to use in different types of salad and pesto.



The canons are those green leaves that are eaten during the winter. It is the lettuce that contains the most iron. For those who do not eat it, it is often said that “how are they able to eat grass.” And it literally seems that we are taking a leaf from any plant and eating it.



This lettuce is eaten whole, including the sprouts. These are usually yellow and white in color and their taste is bitter. This lettuce has great versatility when cooking, since they are prepared so much in salads, cooked, as gratin. One of the most ideal foods to combine are walnuts, apples, and cheeses.

Properties and benefits of the types of lettuce

lettuce properties

Lettuce has a large number of health benefits, among which we find the delay in the aging of the skin and the body. Lettuce has large amounts of antioxidants that help us to keep the body young for longer.

This food can provide some improved aspects in your day to day. For example, it is ideal for those who are nervous in itself since it has some sedative principles that help calm the nerves.

Other properties are:

  • Ideal for those who have trouble sleeping.
  • Releases fluid retention.
  • An infusion of 100 grams of lettuce leaves is perfect for menstrual cramps.

I hope that with this information you can enjoy knowing all the properties of lettuce.

Types of lettuce and their properties

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