What are the fruits of the winter season?

Winter begins today and leading a healthy life on these dates is of vital importance to attend all family events and enjoy a good vacation. For this, it is essential to eat in a healthy and balanced way. Doctors recommend taking five pieces of fruits and vegetables a day.

What fruits are in winter season?


  • 1 Why is it better to take seasonal fruits?
  • 2 Fruits to buy in winter
    • 2.1 Khaki
    • 2.2 Custard apple
    • 2.3 Grenade
    • 2.4 Oranges
    • 2.5 Tangerines
    • 2.6 Grapefruits
    • 2.7 Apples
    • 2.8 Pears
    • 2.9 Quince
    • 2.10 Grape
    • 2.11 strawberries

Why is it better to take seasonal fruits?

Throughout the year there is a wide variety of fruits to eat. Although it is normal to think more about fruits in the summer time because they are more refreshing and juicy. However, during the colder months we can also enjoy many types of fruit. At this time of year, supermarkets have many fruits that, moreover, are now at their best.

Since nature has its own life cycles, it is obvious that it does not forget about winter. It is true that in the hottest months you want to have fruit to refresh yourself with some like watermelon or melon. But it is important to eat fruit also in winter, since its properties are good for us throughout the year.

Among the properties that are talked about is that of staying well hydrated ( with the cold it is easy to forget that we have to hydrate better), they also have a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

For those who are on a diet, fruit is low in calories but satiating , something essential to forget about the excesses of Christmas.

Given the technologies and the increase in production, we have become accustomed to finding any product available all year round. However, each fruit has its best time depending on the season. If we take seasonal fruits, we will have more quality in terms of flavor, they will be cheaper and we will get all their nutritional benefits. In addition, we will help the local producer to buy more natural products from our region.

Fruits to buy in winter

The fruits of the winter season have the advantage that in these months they are able to be preserved much better and for longer than in the hottest season. These are the best seasonal fruits that you can buy in the markets:



This fruit has some antioxidant power and is gaining more and more consumers due to its sweet taste.

Custard apple

custard apple

It is a fruit that provides many benefits and serves as the perfect dessert.



The pomegranate is famous for its high content of vitamins and minerals. If you hit it with a spoon it is very easy to peel. If you buy the largest and most mature, you will get the maximum flavor.



Both in juice and natural, oranges are fruits rich in liquid, vitamins and take the opportunity to stay well hydrated.


Mandarin oranges are considered the smaller cousins ​​of oranges and are treated as natural treats. It is perfect as a snack and gives us a sweet taste and multiple properties.



Grapefruits are not usually taken alone. They are drunk in juice or as a dessert mixed with honey and sugar due to their bitter taste. It is very low in calories and rich in vitamins. To eat it better, it is recommended to mix it with other fruits that are sweeter.


We can have these fruits throughout the year, but this is the best time.


Pears are also typical of summer, but in winter there are also some varieties that are at their best.



Although sweet, it has very few sugars and is rich in fiber. This fruit is not consumed raw, but is cooked to make sauces or sweet desserts.



Although grapes are not lacking on New Year’s Eve, they can also accompany us the rest of winter. It is high in fiber and antioxidants.



Strawberries begin to appear at the end of winter, since they mature in the coldest months. Normally, its harvest marks the arrival of spring.

These are the fruits that you can consume in season and make the most of their properties.

What are the fruits of the winter season?

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