What are woody cuttings and when are they obtained?

A relatively easy and quick way to obtain new specimens from our plants is to multiply them by cuttings , which are pieces of branches put to root. It is also very cheap, since you only need rooting hormones, a pot or container with holes through which excess water can escape and, of course, a plant that you can cut.

Of all the types that exist, one of the easiest to obtain are the woody cuttings , that is, those that have already lignified. But do you know when they are obtained and how they are planted? Nope? Well, you’ll soon find out.


  • 1 When and how are woody cuttings obtained?
  • 2 How are they planted?

When and how are woody cuttings obtained?

Woody cuttings are usually taken in spring before the plant resumes growth. At that time, a branch can be cut without fear of losing an excessive amount of sap, and at the same time, knowing for sure that we will have a greater chance of it taking root. Unfortunately, we can never be 100% sure that luck will smile on us, as various factors (irrigation, substrate, location) influence it.

The correct way to obtain them is by cutting a branch that measures at least 40 centimeters with a handsaw previously disinfected with pharmacy alcohol, and making an oblique cut (not straight).

How are they planted?

Potted woody cuttings

Once the woody cuttings have been obtained, it is time to put them to root. To do this, we will moisten the base with water and then we will impregnate it with rooting hormones , either in powder or liquid form. This way it will be very possible for them to take root. So that everything goes even better, we will plant them in a pot with a very porous substrate, such as akadama mixed with 30% kiryuzuna . These types of substrates, being medium-large grain volcanic sand, will allow the cutting and its future roots to always be aerated, which will prevent the appearance of fungi.

Finally, we place them in an area protected from direct sun and water about three times a week.

Following these tips, our cuttings could take root after 1-2 months.

Good luck!

What are woody cuttings and when are they obtained?

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