What horticultural plants to plant during winter

Although we are in the coldest time of the year, we can already start preparing the seedbeds of some horticultural plants that we are going to need during the season. We wrap ourselves up well so as not to end up with colds, we take the trays that we are going to use, the substrate and of course the seeds.

But, don’t you know what can be planted on these dates? Don’t worry. In this article we tell you.

celery sprouts

Vegetables and vegetables that can be sown from January to April (in the northern hemisphere) are the following:

  • Garlic: they are sown from January to March.
  • Celery: in protected nursery. Ideal time: February-March.
  • Aubergines: sensitive to cold. Its ideal sowing time is also between February and March.
  • Escaroles: in protected nursery.
  • Cucumbers: their ideal sowing time is between February and April.
  • Parsley: This is a plant that is very sensitive to cold. For this reason, we will proceed to sow the seeds when the risk of frost has passed.
  • Peppers: they are usually sown between February and March.
  • Tomatoes: they can be sown in January in a protected seedbed, or once the frosts have passed outdoors without the need for protection.
  • Carrots: their ideal sowing time is between January and March.

And now that?


Ok, now that you have your seeds, the first step is to choose what to use as a seedbed. If you don’t know what to use, tell you that practically anything you can think of will do : yogurt cups, seedling trays, pots, plastic bowls, planters,…

The next thing is to fill that seedbed with substrate. There are many types of substrate on the market: fertilized, unfertilized, with or without perlite, black peat, acid peat… For the seeds to germinate well, any substrate that is black peat will do. But the one with perlite will be more suitable, or even better the one that is specifically for seedbeds.

Once we have the seedbeds with the substrate, we will proceed to sow the seeds. We will place two or more (maximum 4, depending on the size of the seeds) in each hole. We will cover them with a thin layer of substrate, and finally we will water abundantly.

In just a few months you will be able to enjoy your own vegetables, and at a very low cost.

What horticultural plants to plant during winter

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