What is a biennial plant

Depending on their life cycle, plants can be perennial, that is, they produce seeds every season, or seasonal. Why are they so different? Because of the evolution followed by each of the species. The climate, the soil, the altitude above sea level, and even the availability of candidate pollinators are factors that have made a plant life expectancy of a few months or years.

But what is a biennial plant? How is it different from the others?


  • 1 What is a biennial plant?
  • 2 How do you take care of yourself?

What is a biennial plant?

digitalis purpureaMyosotis sylvaticaPapaver rhoeas (poppy)

Biennial plants are those whose life cycle lasts two years . During the first year, they germinate and the plant (stems, roots, and leaves) develop, and during the second they flower, bear fruit, and finally die. Because they need more time to bloom, they are not highly sought after by gardeners, but the truth is that they are species whose colors are so beautiful that it is well worth giving them a try, even if it is in the patio.

In addition, these types of plants produce so many seeds that it is easy for them to be reseeded . Thus, if we have them on the ground or in a flower box, it is highly advisable not to remove the grass from that area, unless we have seen one that we know for sure is a wild one, because in this way we could have a parterre of nature flowers.

How is it taken care of?

Rudbeckia hirta in bloom

Rudbeckia hirta

Biennial plants need the same care as annuals, that is, sun or semi-shade and lots of water. But let’s see it in more detail so that we don’t miss anything:

  • Location : Depending on the species, they can be kept in full sun or semi-shade. If you have doubts, and as they are very adaptable, you can put them in a very bright area, outside. Although the sunlight does not arrive well, they will grow correctly.
  • Soil or substrate : they are not demanding, but they must have good drainage .
  • Irrigation : frequent, it is necessary to prevent the soil or the substrate from drying out.
  • Subscriber : during the two years of its life, in spring and summer with universal fertilizers for flowering plants or with guano (liquid) following the instructions specified on the package.
  • Multiplication : by seeds in spring.

Do you have any at home?

What is a biennial plant

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