What is weed control mesh?

Wild herbs are not usually very welcome in a garden or orchard. They grow at such a high rate that they only need a few weeks to cover the plants , including the tallest ones. Although most of them are not parasitic, all of them have a behavior that could be classified as invasive, since they prevent the rest of the species from continuing to grow normally.

Fortunately, today we have something that will be very useful to prevent weeds from appearing in areas where we do not want them to come out, and it is none other than the anti- weed mesh .


  • 1 What is weed control mesh?
    • 1.1 Woven anti-grass mesh
    • 1.2 Geotextile anti-weed mesh
  • 2 How is it placed?
    • 2.1 Prepare the ground
    • 2.2 Placement of the mesh
    • 2.3 Maintenance
  • 3 Advantages and disadvantages of weed control mesh
    • 3.1 Advantages
    • 3.2 Drawbacks
  • 4 What is the price?

What is weed control mesh?

The weed control mesh is a mesh that, placed on the ground, prevents weeds from growing since sunlight cannot reach their seeds due to the color of the mesh and how dense it is.

There are two types on the market:

Woven anti-grass mesh

Image - Baenatextil.com

Image – Baenatextil.com

It is a very dense and resistant woven raffia polypropylene mesh that allows the passage of water and air, but blocks the passage of sunlight . In addition, before it is sold, it is often UV treated to resist the action of ultraviolet rays.

It comes in various colors: black, dark green, brown and white. And due to its weight (105 gr/m2 or 130 gr/m2), it is highly recommended for placing in the garden , especially if it is dry, or in the greenhouse.

Geotextile anti-weed mesh

Image - Ikernagarden.com

Image – Ikernagarden.com

It is a very durable and resistant non-woven polypropylene mesh because it is also usually UV treated to resist ultraviolet rays. It allows the passage of water and air, and allows the soil and plant roots to breathe while preventing herb seeds from germinating .

It comes in various colors: white, black, brown. Due to its weight (125 gr/m2) and its characteristics, it is the most suitable for use in ponds and in those areas where there are going to be plants that need a lot of water , such as in the orchard.

Both types of mesh are sold in rolls with a width of 1, 1.5 or 2 meters.

How is it placed?

Image - Textilvpego.com

Image – Textilvpego.com

If you need to install weed control mesh, follow our tips to prevent weeds from growing where they shouldn’t:

prepare the ground

The ground has to be as level as possible, so before putting the mesh you have to do the following:

  1. Pass the motoaza -if it is a small area- or the motocultor -if it is large- to break the most superficial layer of the soil.
  2. Remove any stones that may have been exposed.
  3. Rake the ground leaving it level.
  4. Install the drip irrigation system you need in case you don’t have it.
  5. Re-rake if necessary.

Mesh Placement

Once the land is ready, it is time to put the anti-weed mesh. To do this, you must do the following:

  • Remove about 2-3cm of soil layer from the area where you want to put the mesh.
  • Go over the rake to level the area.
  • Place the anti-weed mesh so that it is well stretched.
  • Fasten the edges by pouring a little soil, and nailing some fastening staples at different points so that it is well fixed.


The anti-weed mesh is really very resistant and durable, but as the days go by it may not look very pretty. The wind can drag soil leaving it on its surface, and leave with it some seeds that, as soon as they get a little water, will germinate.

To do? As a routine, I recommend that you pass the broom or, if you prefer, clean it with the hose at least once a week.

Advantages and disadvantages of anti-weed mesh

As we have seen, the anti-weed mesh is almost, almost perfect. It has more advantages than disadvantages, but it is also important that we talk about the latter. Let us know what are the qualities of this mesh, and its drawbacks:


  • Inhibits the growth of most wild weeds.
  • The plants will be able to grow without problems.
  • The proliferation of pests and diseases is prevented.
  • It allows to extend the growing season, since the dark color absorbs sunlight and that causes the temperature to rise.
  • It is easy to install and maintain.


  • Depending on the type of mesh it is, it can hinder the natural aeration of the land.
  • There may be weeds that grow more aggressively, breaking the mesh.

What is the price?

Image - Wolderbrico.com

Image – Wolderbrico.com

The truth is that it depends a lot on the brand and the meters of each roll. For example, a 1.5×10 meter roll of geotextile mesh can cost you around 12 euros, while a 1m x 50 meter roll of woven mesh can cost around 30 euros.

What is weed control mesh?

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