What plants can I put under the trees?

A garden full of plants, of different colors and sizes, remind us of jungles or forests. Being able to have a piece of nature at your fingertips is a gift that we should be able to enjoy , since it provides us with numerous benefits and very few (we could say none) drawbacks.

If we want to dress up the trees and shrubs by placing smaller plants around them, we will make the garden look different, more natural if possible.

plants under tree

But, what plants are suitable to be under the shade of trees and/or bushes? Although it is important to know the climatology and the pH of the land of the place , as a general rule all those plants that cannot be in direct sunlight, that do not grow much, can be around the trunks of the trees.

As there are factors that directly influence the cultivation of plants, to ensure that we will choose the best, it is recommended that we observe those found in gardens in the area , since unfortunately we will not be able to plant, for example, a hydrangea in calcareous soil because it needs soil acid in order to develop properly.


Some plants, such as ferns, hostas, aspidistra (also known as parlor leaves), or heucheras, can be adapted to live in a wide range of climates, from temperate to tropical.

They are very ornamental, their cultivation is simple, and they will make the trees look… much more natural.


If what we want is to have flowers around the tree, one option is bulbous plants . We will be able to plant bulbs that bloom in spring so that they give us a joy as soon as the cold passes, and also bulbs that bloom in summer in order to have flowers all year round.

Although they need sun, they also flower without too much trouble in semi-shade.

As we can see, there are several plants that we can place under the shade of the trees, and thus make the garden a very special place.

What plants can I put under the trees?

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