When are peas planted?

Peas are very nutritious legumes, since they are rich in carbohydrates, proteins and lipids. They come from peas, which are very fast-growing plants that will be very useful to us even after the season is over, because we can use them as green manure.

But when are peas planted? If you want to make the most of the moment and thus achieve an excellent harvest, then we will give you a series of tips so that you can achieve it.


  • 1 What do peas need?
  • 2 When are they planted?

What do peas need?


To be able to develop properly, peas need a cool and humid climate . They do not like too much intense heat or dry weather. Therefore, to obtain the best harvests, it is essential to sow the seeds as soon as possible so that they can grow well.

In addition, it is convenient that the soil is fresh and that it has very good drainage , since otherwise the roots will not only not be able to take root well, but it is also very possible that the plants will grow weak. Therefore, if the land we have is very compact, it is advisable to make planting trenches 30-40cm deep and mix the soil that we have removed with perlite or river sand.

When are they planted?

pea plant

With all this in mind, the best time to plant peas is in the fall (around October in the Northern Hemisphere). It could also be done at the end of winter if we live in an area where winter is especially cold, with frosts of more than -5ºC. In just 12-14 weeks after planting them, we will be able to collect the first pods that we can use to make delicious recipes.

If we have planted vine varieties, it is important that we give them supports that they can use to hook their tendrils.

When are peas planted?

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