Why is my tree not bearing fruit?

When we get ready to buy a fruit tree, we do it with the intention that it will bear fruit sooner or later. But sometimes time passes and, no matter how much we pamper it, we can’t make it bear fruit. In those moments we wonder why my tree does not bear fruit and what is the mistake we are making .

Being able to taste the natural flavor of food requires patience and minimal care. If you are worried about your plant, find out what could happen to it.


  • 1 It is a young tree
  • 2 Needs food (compost)
  • 3 He Has Leftover Food
  • 4 Excessive watering
  • 5 Unsuitable weather
  • 6 Does not self-pollinate

It is a young tree

Young fruit trees do not bear fruit, unless they are grafted, in which case it is normal that they only take about 2-3 years, maximum 4 depending on the species. And it is that, for them to bear fruit, they need to have energy , an energy that we must give them through regular organic fertilizer throughout the growing season (from spring to late summer / early fall).

Need food (fertilizer)

If their roots don’t absorb the nutrients they need, they won’t be able to fruit . It is important to remember that fertilization is just as important as irrigation: both are essential to take care of our plants, especially if we want to taste their fruits.

he has leftover food

An excess of fertilizer, especially if it is synthetic -chemical- can burn the roots and greatly weaken the trees . For this reason, it is necessary to follow the instructions specified on the packaging to avoid the risk of overdose.

In the event that we have paid in excess, we must suspend the subscriber and irrigate with water without lime or distilled for 2-3 months.

excessive watering

It is often thought that if water is life, the more we give the plants the better, but the reality is very different. If we water too much, the roots will rot. For this reason, you should water only when necessary . The frequency will vary depending on the weather and the season we are in, but in general it will be about 4 times a week in summer and every 3-4 days the rest of the year.

If we have a fruit tree that has suffered from excessive irrigation, it is important to treat it with fungicides since it is possible that the fungi are attacking it.

unsuitable weather

When we plant a fruit tree in a climate that is warmer or colder than would be suitable for it, it can have a lot of trouble bearing fruit. The ideal is always to choose species that are sold in nurseries in our area , since those and not others will be the ones that best adapt to our garden.

does not self-pollinate

There are a number of trees that need a female foot and a male foot in order to bear fruit. The self-pollinating or self-fertile varieties are the following: cherry, apple, plum, apricot, pear, peach and pomegranate.

apple fruit

We hope you have been able to find out what is happening to your fruit tree

Why is my tree not bearing fruit?

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