Why Your Healthy Food is Not Healthy for You!

Next time you’ve got lettuce, spinach, peppers, celery, potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, green beans, cauliflower, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, eggplant, broccoli, and mushrooms on your shopping list, altogether likelihood, you’ll find yourself having shopped some ingredients filled with pesticides for your healthy salad. Before you turn all hearty meals with flavourful salads and soups for the potential nutrients and flavors they carry, perhaps you’d wish to find the reality about them. These vegetables are mostly grown through unnatural mediums like fertilizers. Consequently, they carry more amount of nitrate on your plate than you recognize.

Nitrates are present compounds consisting of oxygen and nitrogen. they’re naturally found in soil, thanks to which these also are found in water and food production, especially vegetables. Plants absorb nitrogen within the sort of nitrates and ammonium from the soil to grow. However, Nitrate acquired from fertilizers and pesticides accumulates in vegetables and fruits. Large-scale livestock production yields huge amounts of manure rich in nitrate that seeps into groundwater. thanks to this, a high proportion of nitrate enters our body via food and water consumed by us. Research testifies that if a pregnant woman eats nitrate-excess vegetables contaminated with pesticides, the fetus is often exposed to harmful chemicals and causes birth defects. within the future, these may result in reduced IQ and learning capacities within the developing child.

Here is a simple fix. we propose growing your own greens naturally with organic manure or vermicompost. they carry in essential nutrients within the soil like nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorous through a non-chemical medium making your produce natural and healthy indeed. Not only it guarantees authenticity and freshness but it also brings all the nutrients in your diet that it’s naturally alleged to carry.

Why Your Healthy Food is Not Healthy for You!

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