Month: March 2021

How to care for a potted rose bush

Roses are one of the most beautiful and gifted flowers in the world. For this reason, many gardening enthusiasts dream of being able to have their own rose bush at home, even when they do not have a garden or large space. Well, it is possible to plant rose bushes in small spaces and indoors, you just […]

How to plant orchids

Orchids are a whole family of plants that has more than 25,000 species to their credit. These are flowers of a very characteristic shape, which can be of a large number of colors and which are increasingly popular as a gift flower. They are currently widespread throughout practically the entire world, but they are especially important in […]

How to grow truffles

Currently, the truffle is considered by many in the world of gastronomy the equivalent of diamonds in the world of jewelry. These valued mushrooms have been appreciated by all kinds of cultures since the time of the Greek philosophers and have been consumed for their exquisite taste and for their revitalizing and aphrodisiac effects. However, this prized […]

Green manure: what is it and how is it made?

Have you ever heard of green manure? This ecological technique to enrich the soil is far from new: in ancient times it was commonly used to combat the depletion of nutrients in the soil. Luckily, it is not as difficult to use as it may seem at first, and it is really beneficial. If you want to […]

How to plant watermelons

The watermelon, with the scientific name Citrullus lanaus , is one of the most popular fruits to consume when the warm months arrive. Its sweet and refreshing flavor is one of the best companions of spring and summer and, therefore, it is worth making a place for this tasty cucurbit in our garden. If you want to learn how […]

Stem types

Every fan of gardening or botany has read, heard and used the word “stem” numerous times to refer to that part of the plant that supports the rest of its aerial parts and gives it structure. However, do you know what exactly the stem is and what are its different classifications? If you want to know […]

19 types of bonsai

The art of growing bonsai has its origin in China two thousand years ago, at the hands of the Taoist monks. They saw the figure of the trees as a symbol of union between the earth and the sky, as well as as a symbol of eternity. In bonsai they tried to enhance all these symbolisms, creating […]

How to eliminate a locust infestation

Locust pests have been a danger to crop crops for virtually our entire history. At the beginning of this year 2020, a large plague of locusts ravaged the crops of a large number of countries in Africa, in addition to Pakistan and India. At the other extreme, already in ancient texts such as the Iliad, the Bible […]

40 types of kalanchoe

The kalanchoe are actually a whole genus of plants in the family of crassulaceae or crassulaceae (Crassulaceae). These are very pretty plants and, as with many succulents, they look as striking as they are peculiar. This, together with the natural resistance of most plants of its genus, makes kalanchoe plants highly appreciated by fans of gardening and […]

Types of roots

We all have some idea of ​​what the roots of plants are: that lower part that is usually kept underground and through which the plant obtains water and nutrients. However, correctly defining and classifying roots according to botany requires a bit more work. If you want to learn more about this part of plants and their […]

23 types of geraniums

Geraniums are outdoor plants highly valued by fans of gardening and decoration thanks to their brightly colored flowers. In addition, these plants do not need excessive care, and can become quite resistant. In the same way, we will offer you an extensive list of varieties of geraniums where we will include some of the most important of […]

How to take care of indoor plants

Indoor plants are an excellent ally to give life and a more natural atmosphere to our homes. Its presence helps us not only to give a pleasant aesthetic touch, but to maintain a healthier environment, whether it is indoor plants with flowers or plants that do not have flowers, such as ferns. Keeping indoor plants healthy […]

Tubers: what they are and examples

The tubers are a very important part of the vegetable products that are consumed today, with examples as representative as the potato or the carrot. These are, in general, highly nutritious parts of plants, with high carbohydrate content and easy to grow, without excessive difficulties. If you want to learn more about tubers and see some […]

Types of bananas

Bananas, also sometimes called bananas, bananas, ripe or bananas, are one of the most consumed fruits in the world. It is a fruit produced by a large number of species, hybrids and cultivars of the genus Musa. At an economic and food level it is so important that only wheat, rice and corn surpass the production of […]

Types of onion

The onion, with the scientific name Allium cepa , is one of the most important consumption bulbs in the world. It is a food with a high fiber content, which also offers a low caloric value and an important antioxidant effect. Thanks to these characteristics and its intense and special flavor, it has gained an irreplaceable niche in gastronomy around the world. Precisely because of […]

When to plant potatoes

If you have decided to grow potatoes or potatoes in your field, orchard or garden, surely you will be informing yourself as much as possible to do your best and achieve a successful crop. If so, or you are just curious about the world of crops, you have come to the best place. In this practical […]

Types of potatoes

Potatoes are the fourth most consumed food in the world, behind corn, wheat and rice. We are talking about one of the types of tubers rich in proteins and micronutrients, which only in Spain has more than 150 varieties and of which each citizen consumes an average of 26 kilos a year. They are used in dishes of all […]

When to plant tulips

Are you interested in knowing when to plant tulip bulbs ? If you are thinking of filling your pots or a part of your garden with these beautiful flowering plants, it is good that you inform yourself as much as possible about what it is like, how to plant them and when to do it, how to take […]

Types of legumes

Legumes are the seeds of the Fabaceae family, commonly called legumes . These have been a very important part of the diet of many cultures since ancient times. Among the properties of legumes, their protein and carbohydrate content, as well as lipids, fiber, minerals and vitamins stand out. Cooking with legumes is thus one of the bases of a large […]

35 types of ficus

Ficus are currently one of the most popular plants in interior decoration. When we talk about Ficus we are actually referring to a whole genus, which has almost 800 species of sizes as different as trees, shrubs and vines. They are tropical plants that are usually offered as indoor plants because they do not need much light, […]

Cabbage types

abbages are an extensive family, the vast majority of which are part of the Brassicaceae or Brassicaceae group. They make up a large number of very different species, among which flower cabbages, leaf cabbages and even root cabbages can be distinguished, depending on the part of the plant that we consume. Although some of them are known for their […]

Compost types

Few things reflect the natural renewal cycle as well as the use of different types of organic compost. Thanks to the production of compost, we can recycle many of our organic waste, also obtaining a natural and ecological product that will help our plants to grow more and better. Do you want to learn more about […]

16 small plants

Usually, in a garden or space, we always look first at the largest plants there are. However, a good use of small plants can achieve incredible results, or help us bring those little empty corners to life. Whether on the office desk or on the stones in the garden, small plants make no excuse to fill […]

10 purple flowers

Purple is a color that, in addition to being very striking and pleasing to the eye, inspires tranquility and harmony. For this reason, it is very common for fans of gardening and decoration to usually look for purple flowers or lilac flowers , with which to give that relaxing touch to any space. In addition, in the language of […]

How to preserve tulip bulbs

Tulips are bulbous plants in the lily family that produce some of the most beautiful and striking flowers in the world of gardening. With more than 5,000 varieties, hybrids and cultivars currently in existence, this flower became a symbol of the Netherlands, where its cultivation was especially popular. Its variety of colors and patterns is so […]

When to plant tomatoes

Wondering in what month tomatoes are planted? If you are thinking of planting tomatoes on your land or in a pot at home, the first thing you have to think about is what time of year it is best to plant tomatoes and then, when appropriate, try to get the seeds of the type of tomato […]

Types of eucalyptus

The word Eucalyptus means well covered and refers to the capsule that protects the seed of the species that make up the myrtaceae family. With more than 700 species, almost all from New Guinea and Australia, they are currently distributed throughout the planet. In this post we want to show you some of the types of eucalyptus most […]

Coves care

Calla Lilies , also called water lilies , are native South African plants that are very popular in gardening for their elegant appearance, thanks to their striking flower stem that emerges directly from the rhizome. They offer one of the most beautiful and striking flowers for gardens and indoors, which also give off a very pleasant fragrance. If you want […]

Ficus lyrata: care

Ficus lyrata, also called Ficus pandurata , ficus lira or fiddle-leaf fig , among others, is a unique plant in its appearance, especially when grown indoors. And it is that, although outdoors it can reach heights of up to 20 meters, even in a pot its size is markedly arboreal, being possible to have a plant inside the house […]

Indoor green plants

Many times we want to give our home a natural touch by helping us with the company of some plants. And although plants with showy or brightly colored flowers are always very popular, sometimes simple green works even better, which can be even more attractive than other colors. In this article we are going to see […]

Wisteria: characteristics and care

Wisteria, is one of the plants most used by decorators and gardeners to cover large structures such as pergolas or walls. Its name actually refers to the entire genus Wisteria , with different species. Its spectacular flowering, with hanging inflorescences of mainly lilac and white tones, is one of the most striking and appreciated among the climbing plants, […]

Buttercup care

Buttercups are plants with tuberous roots, commonly called bulbs, which are very popular with flower and garden enthusiasts. Also commonly called French, marimoñas or marimonias , this genus of plants actually has more than 400 species, although in gardening the most common of them is Ranunculus asiaticus . They are native to Asia and the eastern Mediterranean and spread to the […]

How to plant mint

Mint, or Mentha if we call it by its scientific name, is a whole genus of aromatic herbs highly appreciated in cuisines around the world for its refreshing aroma and flavor. It is used both to prepare dishes and drinks, as well as to have at home as an aromatic and decorative plant, in a pot or in […]

Caring for hyacinths

Hyacinths are very popular bulbous plants among gardening and plant lovers for their beautiful floral formations, which also give off a very characteristic and appreciated perfume. For this reason, it is very common to see it in homes and in public places and, above all, in outdoor areas. It is a genus of plants that need […]

How to graft a rose bush

Rose bushes are highly prized plants for their great beauty and for the fragrance of their flowers, widely valued throughout the world as one of the best decorative flowers. Its use is so widespread and specialized, that the usual thing is that most of the rose bushes that we see are not a single common species, […]

How to germinate a seed

Seed germination is one of those processes that continues to be a small wonder of nature no matter how many times we witness it. It is something very simple, but which in turn depends on several factors and, therefore, can be affected in many ways. If you want to learn how to germinate a seed at home, be […]

How to grow papaya

Currently, papaya is one of the most popular and consumed tropical fruits in the world. The papaya, scientifically named Carica papaya , is a small tree with a short life and very fast growth, which has its origin in Central America. It is a crop that requires a specific climate and care, but that despite everything is within […]

How to plant leeks

The leek, with the scientific name Allium ampeloprasum var. porrum , is a crop of the liliaceae family very popular in orchards in many countries. It is a plant that has its origin in Western Asia and Europe and is consumed mainly for its bulb, although its leaves and flowers are also edible. If you want to learn how to […]

How to care for a tree of plenty

The tree of abundance, with the scientific name Portulacaria afra , is a succulent with a shrub bearing very popular for its striking appearance, as well as for its usefulness on slopes and delimiting gardens. This plant is also commonly called elephant bush due to the predilection that these animals feel for it, or also a coin plant or dwarf jade plant. However, […]

How to care for sunflowers

The sunflower, with the scientific name Helianthus annuus , is one of the most striking and beautiful plants that we can choose to decorate both our garden and our home. With its huge inflorescence, one of the largest that we can find in some varieties, it is difficult to give up this impressive herbaceous plant. If you want […]

How to plant a jasmine

Jasmine is a plant tremendously valued by gardening enthusiasts, not only for the beauty of its flowers but also for the pleasant fragrance that some of its varieties offer. It is actually a whole genus of plants, the Jasminum, and not a single species, hence there are different types of jasmine, among which is the climbing garden, summer […]

How to plant parsley

Parsley, with the scientific name Petroselinum crispum , is one of the most valued and used aromatic herbs in Mediterranean cuisine and in many other cuisines. It is a biannual plant with a large number of beneficial properties for the body and, in addition, it is very easy to grow, which is why it is considered an ideal […]

Chamaedorea care

The Chamaedorea elegans, also called the parlor palm, camadorea or Chamaedorea palm , is a small palm that has its origin in Guatemala and Mexico. It is a very striking green plant that helps to give a tropical and very colorful touch to any space, and it is that we can have the Chamaedorea outside and also inside. Despite its colorful […]

How to graft an orange tree

Grafting techniques are very commonly used in all types of fruit trees to save time and improve the properties and capabilities of a given species. Orange trees are no exception, and it is that grafting citrus fruits is especially convenient because of how compatible they are with each other. In this way, we can graft orange trees […]

How to plant an avocado

The avocado, with the scientific name Persea americana , is a tree that has a bad reputation among gardening enthusiasts for, supposedly, being very difficult to care for. And while it is true that you have to be careful with some things, growing an avocado is not at all impossible. In fact, planting an avocado to bear fruit will […]

How to grow mushrooms

The common mushroom, with the scientific name Agaricus bisporus , is a fungus ( Kingdom Fungi ) of the Agaricaceae family, very popular for its multiple culinary uses in all kinds of dishes. Some years ago it was quite common to go out to collect mushrooms, but today this activity is much more regulated, in addition to requiring a deep […]

Types of fruits

Fruits have a huge impact on the way people view plants. They represent a very important percentage of the vegetable products that we consume and, in fact, for this reason, new varieties and hybrids of the most popular species for human consumption continue to be sought every day. However, do you really know what fruits are […]

Gypsy girl care

Gypsies are iconic plants on patios and balconies in much of Andalusia. They are a variety of geranium that, despite its popularity in southern Spain, are suitable for cultivation in many areas, and it is that they are very resistant and grateful plants, which will fill the pots and gardens with their showy spring flowering and […]

Primrose care

The primrose, usually called the spring plant , is a plant highly appreciated by gardening enthusiasts and is that its common name is due to when the primroses bloom, as they are one of the first to flower when spring arrives, sometimes even coming forward to the end of winter. It is actually a whole genus of […]

Zamioculca care

When it comes to easy-care indoor plants, there is a tropical one that we cannot overlook: the zamioculca ( Zamioculcas zamiifolia ), which in some countries is also called the fortune plant . It is a very striking species, with very striking leaves and stems and highly appreciated both for its interior decoration capacity and its extraordinary resistance. If you […]

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