How to recover a monstera with yellow leaves?

The monstera is a type of plant that looks great indoors, as well as in the patios and gardens of those places where the climate is warm throughout the year. In addition, it adapts perfectly to living in a pot, which is why many people do not hesitate to acquire a specimen to decorate their home. The problem is when its precious green leaves turn yellow.. That’s when we worry.

»Why does my monstera have yellow leaves?», »What is happening to it and how can I save it?»… if you ask yourself these questions, don’t worry, because we are going to solve them for you later.

When a monstera has yellow leaves, the first thing we have to do is think about whether we are making a mistake in its cultivation. And it is that sometimes simply by making small changes, we can get it to recover quickly. Therefore, we are going to see what the causes are and what we must do to make our plant green and healthy again:

Low ambient or relative humidity

The monstera is a tropical plant that lives in humid jungles. But these places are not humid just because it rains frequently, but also because the relative or environmental humidity is high, which is not always the case in our homes and/or gardens. This causes the tips of the leaves to dry out first and end up turning yellow.

But beware: To know exactly if our plant has this problem, we have to check the degree of relative humidity in our area.. To do this, the most advisable thing is to get a domestic weather station, since that way we would always have the information in view. Nowadays they are very cheap, so much so that for 15-20 euros you can buy a high-quality one, like this one:

But if not, we can Google “relative humidity X”, changing the X to the name of our location. In the event that it is less than 50%, what we will do is spray the leaves with rainwater or water suitable for human consumption on a daily basis., or place containers with water around it.

Drafts or excessive ventilation

Monstera deliciosa is easy to care for

All plants need to be in ventilated areas, but not all of them resist strong air currents, and the monstera is one of them. Nothing will happen to her if she is on a patio sheltered from the wind or in a room away from the window, but its leaves will turn yellow if it is near a fan, air conditioner or any other device that generates air currents for example.

Luckily, this has an easy solution: if we suspect that this is the problem with our plant, we just have to move it. The bad leaves will not recover, but hopefully we will prevent them from getting worse, and the new ones will come out healthy.

low light

The monstera needs light to grow, but not as much as other plants. The problem arises when it is put in a dark place, or in one where there is hardly any light. Under those conditions, leaves lose color and may turn yellow. For this reason, I always like to recommend putting it in a place where there is a lot of light, whether it is going to be inside or outside the house.

Now, what you also have to avoid is exposing it to direct light, since its leaves are not prepared to withstand it, as I will explain now:

direct sun or light

Monstera care
How to recover a monstera with yellow leaves?

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