What are the little yellow balls in the potting soil?

Have you bought a potted plant and when you get home or after a few days have you seen that there are balls in the substrate? If so, surely you are wondering what they are, right? The possibility that they are the eggs of some insect is the first thing that usually comes to mind, since the mere thought that she is sick… is not pleasant at all.

But calm down. After reading this article you will know what yellow balls are in potting soil and what you have to do to protect the health of your plant.

These balls can be two totally different things from each other:

  • Slow Release Fertilizer : In virtually every nursery you will find many – if not all – plants that have fertilizer intermixed with the substrate. We will see completely rounded balls inside which there is an almost transparent liquid. Of course, it is not a problem for the pots; quite the opposite since they will help them to have a good growth and development.
  • Insect eggs : when the plants are sick, even if at first glance they seem perfectly fine, the insects that cause pests will not hesitate for a moment to make their own, starting by laying ball-shaped eggs with a “beak” somewhere side. Also, if we take them and try to crush them, it will be quite easy. In this case, the soil must be treated with a liquid ovicide that we will find for sale in nurseries, following the instructions specified on the product’s packaging.

As we have seen, the yellow balls can mean something very positive, but also something that is not so good. In any case, we will not have to worry about the life of the plants, since with a good treatment the eggs will not hatch.

buxus in pots

I hope it has been useful to you.

What are the little yellow balls in the potting soil?

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