10 resistant outdoor plants for the whole year

There are many resistant plants all year round

When you want a beautiful garden that looks green all year round and not damaged, it is important to make a good choice of plants that will beautify it. Sometimes, and I include myself, we make the mistake of buying precious varieties, but in the end, when a particularly strong heat wave arrives or a winter that is too cold, they spoil.

I think it is important, and it will be increasingly so, to be very aware of the changes that occur in the climatic conditions of the area where we live, because they will determine the future of the crops that we have abroad. And for this reason, I’m going to recommend a few hardy outdoor plants for the whole year.

Clivia (threatened slopes)

Clivia is a resistant plant that withstands heat and cold

Image – Wikimedia / Rinina25 e Twice25

We start the list with a plant with red flowers that is very common, in fact the clivia It is one of those that are most cultivated indoors and covered patios. But what perhaps few people know is that it is able to resist frost very well. To be more exact, holds up to 7 degrees below zerowhich is why its outdoor cultivation in not too cold climates is very interesting. It should be kept in the shade, for example under a tree, and water a couple of times a week.

False jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides)

False jasmine withstands frost

Image – Wikimedia / Krzysztof Ziarnek, Kenraiz

It is a perfect climber for temperate climates that also grows well in warm climates. It is a perennial climber that reaches 7 meters in height, and that produces highly fragrant star-shaped white flowers during spring and summer. It is very reminiscent of jasmine, in fact it is known as fake jasmine or star jasmine, but it is better resistant to cold and frost. Holds up to -12ºC.

Ivy (Ivy helix)

Ivy is a perennial climber

La ivy is an evergreen climber that, I am convinced, will continue to be a highly cultivated plant in the near future. She is very, very grateful. It supports frosts down to -20ºC, as well as heat up to 40ºC. Thus, today it can be found in both temperate and warm regions around the world, it is even possible to have it at home. But yes, it cannot be in direct sunlight, as it would burn.

Hostas (Hosta sp.)

Hostas are rhizomatous herbs that withstand frost

Our hostas They are rhizomatous herbaceous plants that live for several years. They reach a height of between 3 and 45 centimeters, and have green, bluish-green, or variegated leaves depending on the variety and / or cultivar. They produce white, violet or lavender colored flowers, almost always unscented, except those of the hosta plantaginea. They must be kept in the shade, and irrigated several times a week since they cannot stand drought. In addition, it is important that preventive treatments are carried out against snails and slugs, as these animals devour them. For the rest, you should know that they resist frosts down to -12ºC.

English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)

Lavender is an evergreen plant that withstands cold

La english lavender or lavender is a perennial plant that reaches a height of up to 1 meter. It has a rounded shape, green leaves and lilac flowers. It is aromatic, and that aroma is what makes mosquitoes move away from where it is planted. It is one of the resistant outdoor plants for the whole year that cannot be missing in any garden or patio, since it withstands drought, extreme heat (up to 40-45ºC) and frosts of up to -15ºC.

Magnolia (magnolia grandiflora)

The Magnolia grandiflora is a tree that supports cold and heat

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Wikimedia Commons

The magnolia grandiflora It is an evergreen tree that grows up to 30 meters in height. It forms a very dense crown, with branches populated by large leaves up to 20 centimeters long and glabrous in color on the upper surface and with a pubescent underside. Its flowers are white and also large, since they measure about 20 centimeters in diameter. It blooms in spring, and also does it from an early age. The aroma they give off is spectacular. The best thing is that it resists both frost up to -18ºC, and heat up to 40ºC. Of course, it does not tolerate lime, so it must be grown in acidic or slightly acidic soils. Likewise, it is important that it be grown in shade or semi-shade in especially hot climates, such as the Mediterranean.

Raised palm (Trachycarpus fortunei)

The Trachycarpus fortunei is a palm tree that supports frost

Image – Wikimedia Commons / George Seguin (Okki)

If you love palm trees, one of the favorites for its adaptability, resistance, and also for the little space it occupies, is the Trachycarpus fortunei. It is known as the raised palm or Chinese palm tree, and it is a species that reaches a height of 12 meters. Its trunk is thin, in fact you can hug it well with your hands. This is totally or partially covered by the sheaths of the fallen leaves, thus it can be protected from both extreme cold and heat. It supports up to -12ºC without damage, and up to -15ºC provided it is for short periods of time.

Roses (Rosa sp)

The rose bush is a resistant shrub for the whole year

The roses they will continue to be a classic in many gardens. Most of the varieties grown are deciduous, as they resist frost well; But if you are a lucky person who lives in a warm place you can also enjoy these flowers, for this opt for some kind of evergreen, such as sempervirens rose o Rosa chinensis. There are shrubs and climbers, but they all need a lot of light and regular pruning.more than anything to produce their flowers.

Viburnum (Viburnum’s wealth)

Viburnum opulus is a frost-tolerant shrub

El viburnum It is an evergreen shrub widely used in gardens. It tolerates pruning, heat and cold very well. Frosts down to -12ºC are not a problem for him, a variety if allowed to grow in its air can measure approximately 5 meters in height.. It is a plant resistant to cold and heat, ideal for growing in pots or gardens where the climate is temperate. Supports up to -13,5ºC.

Elephant’s foot cassava (yucca elephantipes)

The elephant foot Yucca is a plant for the whole year

Image – Wikimedia Commons / David J. Stang

If you live in an area where there is little rain, it is highly recommended to look for plants that are able to withstand drought without suffering damage. One of them is the yucca elephantipesan arboreal plant that can reach 10 meters in height, and that has more or less triangular leaves of bluish-green or variegated color (depending on the variety and / or cultivar). By experience, I will tell you that once you plant it in the ground you don’t have to worry about it, just water it from time to time the first year to facilitate its acclimatization to the place. It supports frosts down to -5ºC, as well as heat up to 45ºC.

Which of these hardy plants did you like the most? If you want to see more, check out this video:

10 resistant outdoor plants for the whole year

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