What is land clearing and when is it done?

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There are different methods to clear weeded land. If you want effortless results, you can do it manually, or use chemicals. However, the most practical option is land clearing. Using a brushcutter to remove a weed will help you be more precise and efficient.

In this article we are going to tell you what land clearing is and when it is done.

land clearing

weedy land

If you’re just starting out with orchards and gardens, you probably don’t know exactly what a vacant lot is. Let’s sum it up right away: Land clearing is the removal of a patch of weeds, plants, shrubs, etc. We want to emphasize that clearing it is not deforestation or destruction of nature. On the other hand, being able to work and enjoy your orchard or urban garden to the fullest is an essential task.

To clear a field of weeds in the fastest and most efficient way, we use a machine called a brushcutter. The tool can reach places and corners that a lawnmower cannot reach. And, in addition, it cuts the weeds almost to the root, removing the thickest weeds in one go, and more.

A few years ago, manufacturers directed their products to the professional sector, but given the boom in home gardening, machinists have brought numerous models of semi-professional brush cutters to the market at very attractive prices and perfect for cleaning small dimensions.

When is land clearing done?

land clearing

Remember that bushes are the parts of the vegetation that grow without control, whose development can greatly hinder other trees and plants on the ground. It can even become very annoying to enjoy in your garden conditions.

Even so, the ideal time to clean your garden is when you will receive an influx of more people. For comfort and safety. Once the heat starts to arrive, do not hesitate to prepare your garden with the help of a lawnmower.

Therefore, our advice on when to clear the land is in early summer. But don’t wait until it gets too hot, because then the task will be much more complicated.

Step by step

Here is the complete program to learn about land clearing:

  • Protection: The first step is to equip yourself with everything you need to do your cleaning safely. Here they are: boots, pants, gloves and glasses. In addition, it is strongly recommended to fasten the brushcutter with the help of a seat belt.
  • Both sides: You have to start clearing, if you want it to be effective, in the center of the garden. We will clear this area to focus all attention on the edge, which is the most complex area.
  • Corner: This is a very delicate area of ​​the garden in terms of weeding. Don’t forget, to maximize efficiency and prevent accidents, add protection to your brushcutter. This way you will avoid damaging walls, trees or anything else.
  • Change the angle: This is necessary to get the job done. Otherwise, it will be noticed.
  • Clean access areas: Before deciding how to weed your land, you need to assess whether the area is steep or rocky, or fairly flat. In the latter case, you can remove the cut weeds with the help of a lawn mower, while if the terrain is more uneven, you will have to do it manually.

Cleaning machinery and tools

You already know how to clear any land, but which tool or work method is better? If the land is small, many choose to do it by hand with a scythe or scythe. Therefore, greater precision is ensured, but more time is required to obtain the expected results.

On the other hand, there is the option of using chemicals. This keeps manual work to a minimum, as they only take a few hours to take effect and remove unwanted weeds. But there is no doubt that removing weeds from the land would be a more efficient, less damaging and tedious task if a brushcutter were used.

To clean up the garden, weeding is essential to get rid of weeds. Also, if you want to create a plantation or crop, The first step will be to remove the weeds so that you can remove the weeds and weeds from the ground.

For proper cleaning, it is important to use the proper equipment and machinery. The type of machine needed may vary depending on the terrain. On the other hand, we cannot forget the task of removing the debris that remains after cleaning, such as bags of gravel that can be very useful. Therefore, your best bet is to go to a professional who specializes in settlement for the best results.

What is done with the remains

farm cleaning

Residues in the form of biomass may or may not be disposed of after clearing the land. It is recommended that, whenever possible, the remains of the bushes resulting from the clearing of part of the land be preserved in it. This is intended to the biomass acts synergistically in the regeneration of the land and provides it with nutrients. In this way, the quality of the land is naturally improved. In addition, through actions in this area, we contribute to environmental sustainability. For example, burning these remains produces unnecessary emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Sometimes it is necessary to combine manual or mechanical elimination techniques with the application of phytosanitary products (herbicides).

Types of clearing

manual clearing

The most basic method is manual clearing, but it is also a technique that works on land or plots that require protection of certain species and branches of protected vegetation. Manual extraction is optional and allows controlled and detailed work in the area of ​​action thanks to current machines and mowers, saws or electric mowers with harnesses.

It is important to know that handling this useful piece of machinery can also be dangerous if all safety precautions for handling brush cutters are not carefully followed. It is necessary to protect yourself with work boots, gloves, sun visors and hard hats resistant to impacts and cuts.

chemical stripping

Cleanup procedures with phytochemicals and herbicides are common in areas where there are abundant species of ferns, thorns and small bushes, which grow on sloped areas and are difficult to access with mechanical or manual brush cutters.

It is a long-lasting technology (visible results in 2-3 years) with low environmental impact and degree of toxicity, since it is based on the application of phytofungicides regulated at European level, such as glyphosate on the foliage of plants. Wild and native flora and fauna that make your application not affected by the environment.

mechanical clearing

When we think about how to clear the land, this mechanized or mechanical clearing method is the fastest and most efficient because the vegetation clearing action is carried out by a lawn tractor, as long as the level and conditions allow to work on a large surface that the land allows.

Thanks to the different hammers, blades and other elements used in the brushcutter tools at the rear of the tractor, old bushes or uncontrolled crops can be safely and easily removed, whether in more or less rocky and irregular areas. Thus, you can also separate or shred the remaining waste. The machine’s self-propulsion allows light work to be carried out, such as weeding or clearing layers.

Without a doubt, the most interesting thing about mechanical cleaning is the enormous versatility offered by the tools applied to the machine. Currently, the Forestal del Maestrazgo team has these options, thanks to its professional machines and safe work guides, to carry out the cleaning in the best possible way.

I hope that with this information you can learn more about land clearing and when it is done.

What is land clearing and when is it done?

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