Month: September 2023

Pests and diseases of the trunk of Brazil

Image – Flickr / Forest and Kim Starr The Brazilian trunk, also called water stick, is a perennial plant widely used in interior decoration. It can get very tall, reaching 2 meters and even exceeding it if it has the opportunity, and since it does not take up much space due to its relatively thin […]

What are community gardens: characteristics and benefits

Lo community gardens or social consist of a collection of urban plots for horticultural plants and is based on organic agriculture. Their work is largely due to exploitation agreements established by local authorities with one or more individuals. This garden is characterized by having common areas so that all project participants have access to a […]

What is tundra: Characteristics, types, flora and fauna

Perhaps you have ever heard of something called “tundra”, whether in a movie, in a series or in a documentary. But what is tundra? Surely you have already found out that it is a very cold biome, generally covered by snow and with little vegetation. Despite how deserted it may seem, there are many things […]

How to recover a monstera with yellow leaves?

The monstera is a type of plant that looks great indoors, as well as in the patios and gardens of those places where the climate is warm throughout the year. In addition, it adapts perfectly to living in a pot, which is why many people do not hesitate to acquire a specimen to decorate their […]

What is land clearing and when is it done?

There are different methods to clear weeded land. If you want effortless results, you can do it manually, or use chemicals. However, the most practical option is land clearing. Using a brushcutter to remove a weed will help you be more precise and efficient. In this article we are going to tell you what land […]

What is tatsoi: characteristics, benefits and other varieties

There are numerous vegetables and vegetables to decorate our salads and within all the varieties there are some more used and known than others. Here we will explain what is tatsoi. It is a type of lettuce that is mainly consumed in salads and has unique characteristics. They provide numerous benefits to our body if […]

Examples of rhizomes: characteristics and function

In biology, a rhizome is an underground stem with multiple shoots. These stems grow horizontally, giving off grassy roots and shoots at their various nodes. The rhizomes spread indefinitely. Over time, the oldest parts die off, but new shoots cover a large area every year. They create thickened branches with short nodes. There are innumerable […]

Is artificial light good for plants?

We often recommend placing the plants that are going to be kept at home in a room where there is a lot of light; that is, in which there are windows through which sunlight enters easily. And it is that all of them need light to carry out photosynthesis and, therefore, to be able to […]

Adam’s rib diseases: how to solve them

Monstera, also known as Adam’s rib, is one of the easiest plants to grow due to its great adaptability. Its location is more suitable for interiors, and in addition to being a natural source of oxygen, it also helps in decoration. Since it is a species with a tropical air, it is loved by many […]

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