Year: 2023

How to buy garden furniture covers

When you use garden furniture, you want it to stay in good condition for many years. The problem is that inclement weather deteriorates them unless you use covers for garden furniture. But Do you know how to choose them properly? As they are? What to look at? Which are the best on the market? If […]

Rosemary care: characteristics, tips and tricks

Rosemary is one of the most used medicinal and aromatic plants in cooking, health and beauty. For this reason, more and more people want to grow rosemary at home. Those who own land, such as orchards or gardens, are more likely to grow this plant because it is easy to grow in the ground. On […]

How To Plant Chives: The Best Tips And Tricks

Chives are cultivated beyond their pure purpose as an aromatic and culinary plant. It also has a very prominent decorative component, which allows us to grow it in more quantities than necessary without worrying about its product being left over. Before we focus on how to plant chives, it is worth knowing that if we […]

When to plant carrots: the best tips and tricks

The carrots (daucus carota L) can be grown throughout the year. The only precautions we have to take are in winter, December and January. During these months, we must protect the seeds from the cold. The carrot harvest is completed after 3-4 months. Many people do not know well when to plant carrots. Therefore, in […]

What is the fertilization of plants? Gymnosperms and angiosperms

Due to our nature, it is easy for us to imagine how animals reproduce, since their fertilization process is usually similar to ours. However, it takes a little longer to find those similarities with the plant world. How do they do that? What is the fertilization of plants? The objective of this article is to […]

Anthurium: diseases | Gardening On

Having an Anthurium at home is getting easier and easier because they are common plants in shops and florists that, due to their showiness, many are made with them. However, diseases can take their toll on Anthurium, to the point that they die. As we do not want this to happen to you, today we […]

Information about the different climates

When designing a garden or acquire plants it is highly recommended to do a study of the climate that we have, as this will prevent problems from arising. Each climate zone creates a habitat for a certain class of plants. You could say that it is the climate that makes plants the way they are, […]

How to buy an umbrella stand

Imagine that you are quietly on the beach. A gentle breeze blows while you are in your hammock and little by little you fall asleep. And suddenly everything goes dark. The umbrella just fell on you. And it’s the fifth time. Why not go beyond trying to bury her and is securely attached to using […]

Guide to buy polyester pools

With the heat plus summer, it is common for you to think about installing polyester pools in your garden or terrace. In this way, you can refresh yourself whenever you want. But do you know how to buy it and get it right? If you are making that decision right now, this interests you because […]

How to buy garden gravel

Surely more than once you have seen the garden gravel in some photos that have enchanted you with the result obtained. Perhaps you yourself have considered putting it in your garden but when deciding which one is better or if professionals are needed to put it. In this we can help you, because we are […]

What is buckwheat: characteristics, properties and much more

Buckwheat is a pseudocereal, that is, it does not belong to the grass family (unlike wheat, rye, barley or oats). Many people don’t know what is buckwheat. It is a polygonaceous plant and, in fact, if you look at a grain of buckwheat, you will see that it is shaped like a miniature pyramid. It […]

Guide to buying a composite floor

Laying the floor is one of the tasks that can take the most budget. Especially if you want to use high quality and eye-catching materials. But, How about using a composite floor that is just as beautiful and at a more affordable price? For your garden, terrace, balcony… it can be a good choice; Not […]

How to buy a citronella candle

When spring and summer arrive, with them, the undesirable mosquitoes also arrive. And it is that, overnight, you can find yourself with several bites that you can’t stop scratching and that bother you. How about putting a citronella candle? Wait, it’s not a matter of going to the store, buying one and that’s it. Actually, […]

How to buy a watering gun

With spring and summer comes the heat and the plants in your garden need you to increase the weekly watering so as not to suffer from the high temperatures. For this reason, many put a water intake to which they can connect a hose and a watering gun to make it easier to take care […]

Wedding bouquets with tulips: a sign of eternal love

Los bridal bouquets with tulips They seem to have caught on on social media. In fact, if you have gone to a wedding lately, it is more than likely that the bride brought flowers of this type in her bouquet. But the explanation for her presence goes beyond a mere fashion. Tulips are showy and […]

How to buy large tree pots for your garden

Have you ever thought that trees cannot be in pots? Well, it’s a mistake, since in the market you find large pots for trees. What do you know about them? If you have never thought about it before and now it catches your attention, here we give you the keys so that you can find […]

Cherry tree care | Gardening On

The cherry tree is a deciduous fruit tree that is widely cultivated, especially for, of course, its fruits: cherries. These can be consumed freshly picked from the plant, or as an ingredient in a dessert. But in addition, it has a very high ornamental value, since in spring its branches are covered with numerous white […]

Garden Shredder Buying Guide | Gardening On

Caring for the environment is everyone’s business. And when you have a garden that you must take care of, it is important to buy a compost that nourishes the plants. But, why instead of buying it don’t you? The only thing you will need is a wood chipper. If you were considering it, or have […]

Bouquet of peonies: tricks to preserve it and then dry it

receive a bouquet of peonies It’s always a nice touch. However, if you like flowers, you don’t need to wait for others to give them to you either, you can treat yourself and buy the bouquet that you like the most. It is sure to brighten up your home or workplace. Whatever their origin, peonies-based […]

How to prune a walnut tree: everything you need to know

One of the most important reasons to prune walnut trees is to encourage fruit production. But this is not unique, as other objectives of pruning are to facilitate harvesting, direct growth and formation of trees, improve ventilation and facilitate the penetration of sunlight. Young walnut trees are pruned in their early years to determine their […]

Sweet lemons: a variety worth keeping

Have you ever heard of the sweet lemons? It is a variety of citrus that has a long tradition in our country, but that has gradually fallen into oblivion. To the point where, today, few are dedicated to its cultivation. However, the lemon tree that bears this fruit is easy to care for and you […]

How to prune an Acer palmatum bonsai?

Image – Wikimedia Commons / Ryan Somma It is possible that your passion for bonsai began when one day you started looking at images of these little trees. It happened to me when I saw a few Japanese maples, since they have leaves and a bearing that I simply love. In addition, they tolerate pruning […]

Free 3D garden design software: which are the best?

If you like gardening and landscaping, a Free 3D garden design program it can change your life. It is a software with which you can design the way in which plants and trees will be present in your garden. You will no longer have to do tests and carry out last-minute transplants when you find […]

Why is my eucalyptus drying up?

Why is my eucalyptus drying up? If you are asking yourself this question, it is because you have already noticed symptoms in your tree that indicate that something is not right. You don’t have to panic, but you can’t delay the performance too long either, because the more time passes, the worse it will be. […]

When to prune lemon and orange trees

Orange and lemon trees are part of the family of the most consumed citrus fruits in the world, so it is not uncommon to have one in your home garden. One of the most outstanding cares is pruning, since its main purpose is to improve its productive conditions. Although it can be said that this […]

How is the joy of the house and what care does it need

Surely you have ever seen the joy of the house, also known as Impatiens walleriana. They are a very popular plant that you can have both inside and outside the home and that stands out for its flowering. But, how is the joy of the house? What care do you need? If you want to […]

What is the best tomato in Spain?

Answer the question of “What is the best tomato in Spain?» It is something especially complicated. Because not all of us value the same thing when we enjoy these vegetables. Even within the same variety, there are those who prefer the tomato to be more ripe and those who enjoy it more if it is […]

Rosa ‘Pierre de Ronsard’: main characteristics and care

The world of roses is quite extensive, especially if we take into account that many rose bushes have been created scientifically and that has made the types that you can find more encompassed. But, one such rose has a peculiar beauty: the ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ rose. Haven’t you heard of her? Don’t you know what […]

How to buy garden umbrellas

With the heat and summer, one of the essential elements is an umbrella. But these, although initially they are related to the beaches, that does not mean that you cannot have garden umbrellas. In fact, it is the most recommended if you want to spend time outside and not catch sunstroke. But How should garden […]

Geranium flower colors, what is its meaning?

Surely you already know that the geranium flower colors they can be very diverse. In fact, its chromatic variety is one of the main attractions of this plant that is so common in gardens, balconies and terraces throughout Spain. Although any excuse is a good one to put a geranium in your life, today I […]

How to plant a chestnut: the best tips and tricks

If you have a very large garden area and you want to plant a tree, you can opt for fruit-bearing elements since it will provide you with delicious fruit as well as bringing freshness to your garden. However, if you want big, tall, durable trees, then the situation is completely different. One of the best […]

Bonsai of Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’: care

Image – Flickr / jacinta lluch valero He bonsai the Maple palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’‘ is one of the most popular: it has palmate leaves, which in spring and especially in autumn turn a deep red. During the summer, contrary to what we might think, they are red-green or even green. However, although it is relatively easy […]

Garden Gazebo Buying Guide | Gardening On

Do you want to celebrate something in the garden but the sun is too strong? How about using a garden gazebo to have a shaded space and enjoy in the company of friends and family? If you are looking for the best garden gazebos, or you want to buy one but you don’t know what […]

How to make homemade basil oil?

He basil oil It has become one of those essential oils that should not be missing at home, because it has hundreds of different applications. If you’ve gotten a pimple on your face before an important event, you can trust it to help it go away. If what happens to you is that you have […]

How to buy a garden hanging chair

Surely you have seen it many times in movies and series. The protagonists go outside and have a hanging garden chair where a scene takes place. What would you like to have one? Well for to succeed with the purchase it is necessary that you know some important aspects, but also which are the best […]

What is biochar? Discover the black gold of nature

what is the use of biochar? What’s more, what exactly are we talking about? Do not worry if you have doubts about this material, because it is still quite new and it is normal that you are unaware of it. But I assure you that as soon as you discover all its benefits you will […]

How to dry a tree by the root: the best tips and tricks

On some occasions it may be of great necessity to learn how to dry a tree by the root. Before felling it and having the stump on the ground, it is very useful to completely dry the root. However, there are some ways to do it and you must have knowledge about it in order […]

When does the magnolia tree bloom in Spain: all the details

Magnolias are one of the most beautiful flowers in the plant kingdom. And having her in the garden is quite a spectacle. However, as you know, these flowers do not last long. That is why knowing when the magnolia tree blooms in Spain can help you enjoy the flowers for as long as possible. But […]

Solar Table Lamp Buying Guide

More and more people are encouraged to protect the environment and the planet they live on because they know that it will not last forever at the rate that we destroy it. Therefore, they start using ecological alternatives such as a solar table lamp. If you also want to take advantage of sunlight and thus […]

Discover varieties of plants with red balls for your garden

There are many types of plants in the plant kingdom.. Some have special characteristics, such as a plant with red balls. In fact, if we ask you about them, it is possible that you associate them with a typical Christmas plant. But, did you know that there are many more plants with little red balls? […]

How To Buy Garden Ornament Wells

Have you ever considered placing attention-grabbing decorations in your garden? For example, the garden ornament wells, can you imagine having your own wishing well? Well now you can get it because yes, this product exists and you can buy it to install in your home. But, which ones are the best? What should you watch? […]

Looking for a tree with white flowers? Meet some!

Having a tree in your garden is something elegant, sophisticated… But, what about a tree with white flowers? Without a doubt, in its flowering season it will attract a lot of attention. And the truth is that there are enough varieties to have not just one, but several of them. Here we have prepared a […]

How to buy an outdoor fire pit

Can you imagine enjoying a night in the light of an outdoor brazier? Believe it or not, it is one of the garden accessories that you can use to enjoy a moment of relaxation and tranquility (although in some cases it can also be used to cook something). If you have never considered buying an […]

The best shade plants for outdoor pots

Many times we think that plants always require sun, but the truth is that this is not the case.. There are some that like to be in semi-shade, and other shade plants for outdoor pots. About the latter we want to talk to you. And is that, could you give us some examples of them? […]

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