How to buy garden umbrellas

With the heat and summer, one of the essential elements is an umbrella. But these, although initially they are related to the beaches, that does not mean that you cannot have garden umbrellas. In fact, it is the most recommended if you want to spend time outside and not catch sunstroke.

But How should garden umbrellas be? Are there any guidelines to follow? And which are the best? Where to buy them? If all those doubts come to mind, then we will help you to clear them completely.

Top 1. The best garden umbrella


  • Easy to fold.
  • Quality fabric.
  • Fair measurements for a small space.


  • It moves quite a bit.
  • Lasts very little.

Selection of garden umbrellas

There are many garden umbrellas on the market, so if you did not like the first one, take a look at these others that we have chosen.

Active 53849 – Garden Umbrella

Made of fabric, metal and fiberglass. Has some 280cm in diameter and a 28-32mm mast.

It has UV35 protection against the sun’s rays and has extra ventilation.

GIKPAL Patio Umbrella, 2.7M

Has a diameter of 2,7 meters and offers much greater protection than other garden umbrellas.

It is built with 8 resistant and treated rods to withstand oxidation. The design of it is triangular and it is not easy to be blown away by the wind.

Sekey® parasol parasol for terrace

Made of aluminium, this garden umbrella has a diameter of 270cm. It has a robust structure and easy to install, in addition to supporting the wind thanks to a fastening strap.

VOUNOT 300 cm Eccentric Parasol

With a diameter of 300cm, this parasol has a 3 meter long deck. It can be rotated 360 degrees and has 6 struts to give you more security.

VOUNOT – Reclining Parasol 270 cm

It is a 460cm umbrella, double, and easy to use and install. It has a crank that is used to open or close it.

It is made of aluminum and fabric.

Buying guide for a garden umbrella

Buying a garden umbrella is not difficult. Getting it right with her is. And it is that when you want an umbrella to enjoy the garden you have to know the size (in case you want to place some furniture or even your chair under it; that it moves so that you can block the sun’s rays so that they do not affect you…).

Therefore, we want to give you some of the main keys that you must take into account when buying an umbrella. We cannot guarantee that with this you will achieve it 100%, but surely you will discard many models that did not work for you and you will save time and money.


There is no doubt that size is one of the most important key factors to consider. And it is that depending on how you want it, its price will be higher or lower.

Here You don’t have to think only about me covering you, but on what you would like it to cover. For example, you may want to be out in the garden with friends, and you need the umbrella to cover all of you. In addition, surely you are not going to be standing, but sitting, so the extension must be greater.


Regarding the color, it is always recommended that umbrellas are any color except black, because it attracts more heat. They are almost always cream-colored or shades of brown, although you can also find them green, blue, red or even in various colors.


There is no doubt that the price is very important. You can not spend a fortune on a product that, after three months, can no longer be used.

Normally you can find umbrellas from 10 euros. And as a ceiling, we could talk about 300-400 or even 600 euros. What does it depend on? Above all, the size, as well as the materials with which it is made.

Where to buy?

buy garden umbrellas

Finally, once you are clear about what you should look for, it is time to think about the store where you will make your purchase. The truth is that we can give you some, but there are many stores that sell garden umbrellas, both online and physical.

Our recommendation is that you take time to see the pros and cons of the models that interest you and you can choose the most suitable for you.

Meanwhile, we have analyzed these eCommerces for you and this is what we have found.


Our first visit has been to Amazon and obviously it is where more variety you will be able to find. Specifically, you have many types of garden umbrellas, both in colors, designs, sizes, etc.

The only thing you should keep in mind is to check the prices because some are usually inflated.


In the case of Carrefour, something similar to Amazon happens. Have lots of products and most of them are from third party sellers. You have to control a little who you buy from and check if they have a website to see if you are cheap there.


Ikea garden umbrellas are available within the parasols and parasols section that the company has. Here you will find more than 50 articles, which is not bad at all.

As for its prices, you have something for all pockets, from very cheap to somewhat stronger investments.

Leroy Merlin

In Leroy Merlin you will not find garden umbrella products. At least not by that name. But yes as parasols.

In this category you will find about 10 products related to umbrellas, but these are focused on the beach. If you want for the garden, you will have to select the parasols. You will have almost 120 items to choose from.

Regarding prices, you can find them from 10 euros.


Taking into account that more and more people prefer to save money and buy second-hand instead of buying new items, Wallapop has become one of the most used stores and where people sell many products of all kinds. Including garden umbrellas.

Try searching and Check both the photos and the description that I give you.. You can even ask for new photos to see if it has any damage.

Have you already opted for the garden parasols that suit you best? Now, the only thing left for you is to get down to work and find the garden umbrellas that meet your needs and buy the best of them.

How to buy garden umbrellas

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