Rosa ‘Pierre de Ronsard’: main characteristics and care

Rosa 'Ronsard stone'

The world of roses is quite extensive, especially if we take into account that many rose bushes have been created scientifically and that has made the types that you can find more encompassed. But, one such rose has a peculiar beauty: the ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ rose.

Haven’t you heard of her? Don’t you know what she is like or what care needs to be provided for her to get ahead? So don’t worry because Here we are going to talk to you at length about her so that you can know it thoroughly. Shall we start?

Discover the history and meaning of the rose ‘Pierre de Ronsard’


The first thing you should know about the ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ rose is that it belongs to the grower Meilland. It is a climbing type rose that easily reaches two or three meters in height. But this is not what captivates those who see it, but rather the beauty of the flowers it offers, with a peculiar color (to such an extent that it was awarded an award at the World Rose Association in 2006).

The person to whom we owe this rose bush is Jacques Mouchotte who created it before 1985 in France and to whom this name was given. For it combined two roses, the Danse des Slyphes and the Pink Worder (it is from this that it maintains its growth).

Now, if we focus on each of its parts, you should know that it is shaped like a climbing bush. It grows quite fast and you may have it to adult size in three years. As for the foliage, it is semi-glossy dark green and has somewhat rounded leaves. (like some of the rose bushes). The branches, unlike others, are more flexible, with which it can be oriented and guided to a certain shape.

Finally, the flowering, which occurs from spring, is quite profuse, so much so that sometimes you will have to tie the rose bush to prevent the weight of these from overcoming it or breaking its branches. The rose that she throws is between four and three inches in diameter and also each one of them has about seventy petals. It has a globular shape but opens completely ending in a glass. Their color is peculiar, because they are pink and green. Of course, do not expect it to have an aroma because it lacks it (or if you notice it, it will be minimally.

Care and tips for growing the rose ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ in your garden


We must notify you that finding the rose ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ is not easy at all. It is rarely available, although online it is much easier to get. Therefore, if it is not cheap, the last thing you want is to lose it due to carelessness.

How about we show you what are the main care of this rose bush? Here we go!

location and temperature

Knowing where you are going to put your rose bush is not only a decorative decision, but it will also influence whether you will have more or less flowers. If you want a good flowering, then put it in direct sun. Now, keep in mind that if it is too hot, or the sun burns too much, it would be best to move it to semi-shade. Of course, only for the hottest hours; it is necessary that it have several hours of direct light.

As for the temperature, you must bear in mind that it is a rose bush that does not tolerate high temperatures very well, unlike other rose bushes. This can easily kill the plant.

On the contrary, Yes, it will better tolerate low temperatures, even some frost that is sporadic.


The land of the rose ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ must have a very alkaline pH. You have to place it near a wall or a lattice to prevent the weight from overcoming it and falling to the ground.

Due to its growth, you will have to give it a soil very rich in nutrients but have good drainage so that irrigation water does not accumulate.

If you are going to plant it in the garden, then We recommend that you make a fairly deep hole and, before planting it, put a little manure in it because that fertilizer will come in handy. Then you can apply the previous mixture.

In the event that it is in a pot, it will not be so necessary, although it will not hurt to have a little subscriber.


The rose ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ needs a lot of water. But don’t go too far. It is a rose bush that requires more water than the others because it grows faster and also the flowers it produces are large. For this reason, we recommend that you give it abundant watering, but allow the soil to dry out a bit between them.

In general, in the spring you will need to water once or twice a week, while in the summer you may need to double, meaning two to four times a week minimum.



In addition to a good soil, and as we have told you before, this rose bush needs extra fertilizer. The best you can offer is worm manure or hummus. You can apply it to the first of spring.

If it tolerates it, you can also give it a little liquid fertilizer with the irrigation water, although it is not really necessary if you already put organic fertilizer on it.


The pruning of the ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ rose is always done at the end of summer, when it is beginning to wake up and before the buds that it has have come out.

You should know that the main branches should not be cut, but should be allowed to grow. However, the secondary branches can be cut because they are the ones that offer the most (or least) flowering. Be sure to cut above the third bud every time.

Of course, the dead, weak, clumsy or diseased branches will have to be removed by cutting from the base.

Plagues and diseases

The ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ rose is a bit tricky on this subject. And it is that when you don’t have good ventilation in the rose bush you can find that it will get sick easily.

You should also be careful with the rose wasp, as well as aphids and larvae.


The reproduction of this rose bush It can be carried out through cuttings.

Now that you know the ‘Pierre de Ronsard’ rose, would you dare to have one in your garden?

Rosa ‘Pierre de Ronsard’: main characteristics and care

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