What is the best tomato in Spain?

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Answer the question of “What is the best tomato in Spain?» It is something especially complicated. Because not all of us value the same thing when we enjoy these vegetables. Even within the same variety, there are those who prefer the tomato to be more ripe and those who enjoy it more if it is greener, and this affects both its flavor and its texture.

However, we are going to try to be as objective as possible and review some of the most outstanding varieties. We will also see a variety that has been recognized on several occasions as the best.

The best tomato varieties in Spain

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If you are lucky enough to have a garden at home, or are planning one, surely what is not missing are tomatoes. Although from the botanical point of view the tomato is a fruit, at a culinary level it is a vegetable, and within Spanish gastronomy there are hundreds of dishes to which we can add it as primary or secondary ingredient.

In fact, if the tomato is good, it doesn’t need much more to accompany it than a pinch of salt and a few drops of good olive oil.

For this reason, I am sure that you want to know which is the best tomato in Spain to add it to your small garden now and start enjoying its flavor. So I will not entertain you anymore and I will tell you which are the most outstanding varieties.

Andean Cornue

The same with this name is not familiar to you, but surely its image comes to mind if I tell you “tomato pepper”. Although its shape evokes that of a red pepper, its flavor leaves no doubt that we are dealing with a tomato.

Es juicy and tasty, and it is stated that it has digestive properties. If you haven’t tried it yet, the best way to do it is adding it to a salad.

canary tomato

It is impossible to decide which is the best tomato in Spain without mentioning the native variety from the Canary Islands, which It has been cultivated there since the end of the 19th century..

It is a very red and round tomato, the size of which is usually not too large. Its skin is smooth and hard, so it should be peeled before adding it to stews, or crushed well afterwards.

When we open it we find a fleshy pulp and very few seeds. Therefore, it turns out to be a ideal tomato for making sauces and soups.

Tomate cherry

Also known as cherry tomato, this is one of the most popular varieties when there are children at home, because they are unable to resist their small size. Also, these tomatoes can be easily grown at home in a pot.

Within the cherry tomato we find many varieties, even some that have a yellow color instead of red. are tomatoes very juicy and with a slightly sweet touch which makes them ideal to add to tomato sauces along with other varieties, or to use in salads.


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It’s tomato comes from the Valencian Community, and receives its name from its place of origin, the municipality of Mutxamel. It is medium in size and it is easy to distinguish it because it combines parts in red with others in green that indicate its point of ripeness.

It’s a thin-skinned tomato with a smooth and very sweet flavor, so it is recommended to consume it raw. Without a doubt, a good choice to make a salad.

ox heart

Very common in Italian cuisine, this tomato also plays a leading role in Spanish cuisine. If you are wondering for his name, this one comes to him large size of this vegetable.

They are really big tomatoes, with few seeds and a pulpy meat that is not very acidic. Of course, one of the best alternatives that we can find if what we want to do is stuffed tomatoes.


When talking about which is the best tomato in Spain, the Marglobe is not usually on the list, but it does deserve recognition. Because It is one of the most consumed tomatoes and is present in many orchards.

It’s a small tomato, deep red, with smooth, strong skin. Inside it does not contain many seeds, and its flavor varies greatly depending on whether it has been grown naturally or in a greenhouse. It is a true classic when it comes to making gazpacho.

What is the best tomato in Spain?

tomates cherry

In recent years, in the contests in which the quality of tomatoes is examined, the variety Aretxabaleta.

In 2022, this tomato won the title for the second consecutive year Best Tomato in Spain at the Bezana National Old Tomato Fair.

This variety of tomato was almost extinct, but it was rediscovered by Koldo Zubizarretawho has carried out a great job to recover it and make it known.

This tomato, although still little known, conquers the public because combines sweetness and acidity like few others in a perfect balance. Its skin is very thin and the interior is solid, which allows the maximum possible use of each piece.

Its cultivation is carried out naturally, allowing it to grow slowly in the bush, and this is noticeable when tasting it.

It is a rather pink tomato and a little smaller than usual. Besides, it is tried to collect it when it is already in an advanced phase within the maturationto fully enjoy its sweet flavor.

Its consumption is recommended in all those preparations that allow you to fully enjoy its flavor. For example, to eat it in a salad or to make a tomato sauce.

now we know which is the best tomato in Spain, but this does not detract from other varieties that also deserve public recognition, such as the Barcellina tomato, originally from Cantabria, or the Abanillas tomato, which is one of the tomatoes with the longest tradition in Santa Cruz de Bezana, where the contest to choose the best tomato is held every year. And in your case, what is the best tomato you have tried? Tell us in the comments!

What is the best tomato in Spain?

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