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As we have already mentioned in other posts, one of the most important advantages of greenhouses is that we can control the temperature and climate that we have inside our covered garden.

It is for this reason that today, we bring you some tips on climate control in greenhouses:

  • How to increase the light ?: To increase the light of our greenhouse it is important that before placing it in a sector we orient it towards the longitudinal axis from east to west. Since with this we will make sure that it receives light during the day (when the sun rises) and during the afternoon (when the sun opposes). In the same way, it is important that we avoid places with a lot of shade, and that we try to keep the greenhouse always clean, to avoid the accumulation of dust and water, especially on the roofs and on its walls. If you have already built the greenhouse in a place where not much light reaches it, I recommend that you use artificial lighting with very high pressure sodium lamps.

  • How to reduce the light ?: If your problem is not the lack of light, but on the contrary the excess of it, I recommend that you use shading nets to darken the greenhouse a little.
  • How to raise the temperature ?: If you want to raise the temperature of the greenhouse you must make sure to always keep it closed, and to have a thermal plastic cover. In the same way, you can use a flysheet to limit cooling a bit at night or use an air or hot water heating system.
  • How to lower the temperature ?: To make your greenhouse cooler you can use a type of side or overhead ventilation, place white or black mesh outside the greenhouse or also use thermal screens with aluminum to reflect radiation.

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Climate Control in Greenhouses | Gardening On

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